My Response to Chief of Staff John Kelly—Bunk!

Yesterday, another one of Trump’s sycophants, this time his chief of staff John Kelly, stood behind a podium and talked for 18 minutes trying to defend his boss. What a shame and what a sham! Kelly is to Trump what Heinrich Himmler was to Hitler. If you know history Himmler was a doctor who became Hitler’s private secretary who then controlled the flow of information and access to Hitler. Again, Kelly is a modern day Heinrich Himmler, lending his military talents to further the destruction of America for Donald Trump. Yesterday Kelly used his position to further the racist, divisive agenda of the Prince of Chaos, Donald Trump, this time by demonizing African American women.

Heinrich Himmler, aka, John Kelly said that he was “simply stunned” that a member of Congress, Frederica Wilson, would discuss what Trump was “trying to say” to the widow of David Johnson who was among the four soldiers killed in Niger. What he did not say is that Congresswoman Wilson has been a long time family friend of the fallen soldier’s family, who happened to be in limousine when Trump called and the called placed on the speaker phone. Congressman Wilson did not eavesdrop from a different location. What she heard was a dumb, inarticulate, cold-hearted as usual, except to praise himself and white nationalist, Donald Trump, trying to utter words that his heart did not believe. I am stunned that Kelly would allow himself to become an instrument of Trump’s racism, misogyny, and bigotry. If Kelly really wanted to express his incredulity at anything it should be at the many outrageous words that have flowed from the mouth and Twitter of Donald Trump. I wonder if Kelly was stunned when Trump talked about grabbing women by their “p…?” Was he stunned when Trump referred to ejecting an NFL player from a game as “get the son-of-a- bitch out of here?” (Did Trump refer to Stephen Paddock the old white man who shot up Las Vegas as an evil son-of-a-bitch –If not why not?) Was Kelly stunned by Trump’s reference to a “Mexican judge,” to his constant low-class, thuggish, name-calling of “crooked Hillary, little rocket man, Pocahontas,” and the too numerous to mention other ignorant headed, gutter snipping comments coming out of Trump’s mouth. Add to this the three lies a day that Trump utters. What should be stunning is that a man of Kelly’s so called honorable military background would allow his career and legacy to be despoiled by being anywhere within 20 feet of Trump. I wonder if Kelly is stunned by how Trump is disgracing the office of the presidency across the world. I wonder how Kelly stomached using his talents in service to a moron and a buffoon. Kelly has sold his very soul to Trump and one has to wonder why. What Kelly is doing on a daily basis is the equivalent of taking a soiled baby diaper, folding it nicely, putting a bow on it and using it as a table napkin to wipe his mouth. Kelly has disgraced himself by allowing the toxicity of Trump into his life and career. He will soon regret ever going anywhere near Trump as anyone who has ever worked around Trump would say–if they were not under a permanent gag order.

Kelly’s stunt yesterday falls in the same category as the stunt Mike Pence pulled by leaving the NFL game. Trump ordered Pence to leave so he could toss yet another grenade into the culture wars that Trump is creating. All of this chaos is exactly what Trump promised to do. He is succeeding masterfully. Now he wants his base to eat the red meat of hatred toward African American females by sending Kelly out to express fake outrage at Frederica Wilson. Oh Please! Kelly strains at a gnat but swallows a whole camel of Trump’s trickery and manipulation. In the meantime, Trump is blasting full steam ahead with signing executive orders destroying this country. The same Trump who complained that President Obama was governing by executive orders has already signed 27 more executive orders for the same length of time in office. The same Trump who complained about President Obama playing golf has so far played more golf than President Obama played in 2 years. What a hypocrite, what a liar. And this is the Spawn of Satan that so-called white evangelicals love. What fools! What the hell could any truly Child of God find praiseworthy in Donald Trump? Oh pray tell Amarillo evangelicals?

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