Here We Go Again!

Same ole same ole– illegal tire dumping on the north side of town. Not more than a month ago the City of Amarillo Solid Waste cleared away tons of illegally dumped tires, household furnishings and assorted trash from the vacant lot at NW 14 and East Street. Not long after the city trucks left, these tires were dumped in the same location. We have been down this sorry, pitiful road before with tire dumping on the north side of town. Same old story—use tire dealers who will not pay to have their used tires properly disposed of, instead wait until dark and dump them under cover of darkness.

There is little to stop these SOBs from dumping tires all over Amarillo. The police department has other priorities other than following truck loads of tires to see where they are dumped. Citizens have better things to do than wait for dumpers and take pictures. The Amarillo City Attorney’s office apparently has no interest in prosecuting tire dumpers—or at least making it a public priority that this illegal conduct needs to stop. And so, here we go—again and again.

Two years ago the City of Amarillo obtained a grant to help remove used tires from all across the city. The then head of Solid Waste, Steve Fisk, worked hard to obtain a grant for around $5000 to place trailers at several locations for four weekends. The result was an amazing success that removed well over 5000 tires from all over Amarillo. The tires were then sent to a tire recycler near Lubbock. It seems that no effort is being made to replicate this success story. Instead, the City is using its solid waste budget to pick up tires all over town and charge its own budget a fee of around $3 to dispose of illegally dumped tires. Does this make sense? Apparently so. By my count there are about 23 tires in the above picture. Within a six block radius there are twice as many more stacked in alleys. And, when the a—holes who dumped these tires get away with it once, they will return with another load.

A recent (October 14, 2017) Amarillo Globe News story by Robert Stein read as follows, “Amarillo mayor, city leaders turn to social media to reach residents.” In the article Mayor Nelson explains how she used the “Trump model” of social media in her campaign for mayor. The article also says this:

“Nelson has used Facebook posts and graphics to spotlight city workers and initiatives, and she recently appeared in videos using a whiteboard to explain local taxes. In her first video, which has been viewed more than 10,000 times, Nelson detailed hotel occupancy taxes, or HOT, a key funding component of a downtown revitalization push. Nelson said she wanted to explain complex city issues that are often misunderstood by residents.”

Well, Mayor Nelson, may I suggest that you add illegal tire dumping as one of your additional “points” to explain citywide issues. May I also suggest that you use your Facebook savvy to explain why the City cannot remove the mounds and mounds of trash stacked in alleys all over Amarillo. The City of Houston has removed more trash following the devastation of Hurricane Harvey than the City of Amarillo can muster the resources to remove only a fraction of the same amount of trash. Mayor Nelson, what exactly is the problem with removing bulk trash from alleys in Amarillo? Can you provide us with a Facebook graphic to explain this gross dereliction of duty?

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