Amarillo’s Bulk Trash Haul-Off—Hey Mayor–What’s Up?

Today, October 31, 2017, I called Amarillo Solid Waste at 378-6813 to ask when the bulk trash in my alley would be hauled off. The clerk said that they were current working on their “September list” of cleaning alleys. I asked what she meant by that. She repeated that they are working on their “September list.” I asked if by “September list” she meant that citizens needed to call in and get on a list to have bulk trash removed from their alleys. She then asked for my address and I gave it to her. I also gave her the address of the person where the above trash has been sitting in her alley since August. I then told the clerk that I had called in mid-August and gave my address and was told that I would be placed on a list. I also told the clerk that about three weeks ago I called to check on the status of removing the bulk trash from my alley and was told that the bulk trash trucks were almost to my street. Well if they were near my street two weeks ago I wonder if they made a U-turn and went in another direction because it is now the November and I am now being asked for my address to again “get on the list.”

The City of Amarillo is playing “whack-a-mole” with hauling off bulk trash in alleys. The regular monthly removal of bulk trash has now become a case of “whenever we get around to it.” The last bulk trash haul off was in June in my neighborhood. I was told that the next bulk trash haul off would be in 4-6 months, which is just about what is happening—maybe—if you are on “the list.” Someone at City Hall needs to explain to Amarillo citizens what the problem is with removing bulk trash from alleys. We need a simple explanation. As I said in my previous column—maybe the mayor can explain it in a Facebook flowchart of some type. If the mayor can take to Facebook to explain how the hotel occupancy tax, the so called “HOT” taxes will be used as a “key funding component of “a downtown revitalization push,” then maybe the mayor can get creative and explain some of the other comments given to the Amarillo Globe News in their October 14, 2017 story. In particular, the mayor said that this, “I just thought about those UPS commercials with the guy in front of a whiteboard.” She further said this, “And, I’m an artist, and I really liked those. So I thought what if we just did a whiteboard presentation on Facebook about the HOT, and maybe with a combination of the pictures and a shorter explanation, people would watch and learn more about it.” The Globe article then touted that Mayor Nelson had used Facebook “to broadcast what was billed as the first “State of the City” address that included a professionally produced video featuring city staff and highlighting city projects.

Hey Mayor Nelson, request is hereby made that you make a new video entitled, “State of Bulk Trash Removal in Amarillo” using a whiteboard to explain to Amarillo citizens why the city cannot haul off all the mounds of bulk trash in alleys all over town. Try using a “whiteboard” to explain the Solid Waste Budget, the mission and goals of solid waste disposal, the best practices re bulk trash removal, tonnage of bulk trash to be removed versus the number of trash trucks, the number of employees, and why the City of Amarillo is having so many problems hauling off bulk trash. And while you’re using your whiteboard please explain what the city plans to do about scrap tires strewn all over the city. Please Mayor Nelson, explain why residents now must get on “a list” to have months of stacked up bulk trash removed from their alleys. We will be waiting for your Facebook response.

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