Donald Trump’s “Angry White Male” Killing Fields

Americans love to avoid saying what is really on their minds and go off on tangents that have nothing to do with real issues. Trump’s comment that the man who killed 25 people in Sutherland Springs had “mental health” issues and that it was not about gun control is one such “off on a tangent” response to something he has unleashed on America. Mentally ill people play in their poop, they don’t pick up a Ruger Semi Automatic weapon, dress in all black, storm a church on a Sunday morning and proceed to kill scores of people—and then re-load and kill some more. That is not mental illness– that is anger. Steven Paddock was not mentally ill when he hauled dozens of assault rifles into a Las Vegas motel room, set up cameras in the hallway to alert him of approaching police, knock out his motel windows, then shoot into a crowd of concert goers, killing 59 and injuring almost 500. The man who walked into a Colorado Wal-Mart last week and opened fire killing several, then calmly walked out and got in his car was not babbling incoherencies about “the Martians are coming.” And I could go down the long list of similar gun-toting killers from Dylan Roof to a whole string of others and find one common thread—angry white men—hell bent on killing other people.

The electoral college election of Donald Trump was characterized as the “last stand of the angry white male” by one prominent writer. Trump seized upon this “white anger” and stokes the fires of hatred at every campaign stop, literally throwing gas on burning fires—and he enjoyed the hatred he was stirring up. What Trump wanted was to fuel the fires of white nationalism so that those caught up in his rhetoric would take out their anger on “others.” How strange that within the last three months, the victims of “white male anger” have been mostly white victims. I wonder if Trump saw this coming. As the scripture says, beware when you dig a ditch for another lest you fall into it yourself. Trump has the blood of Las Vegas and now Sutherland Springs victims on his hate-filled hands. And the worse is yet to come.

One has to wonder why angry white men get a pass compared to “angry black women.” Just saying “the angry black woman” conjures up a stereotype that prompts an almost universal desire to further oppress black women in every way possible. If “angry black women” had taken up arms and killed their oppressors, namely white men who lynched their husbands, enslaved her children, and sent her to the back of the bus, then there would be practically no white men walking around in America. Practically all of them would have been wiped out. But utter the phrase, “angry white man” and an entirely differently image is evoked—as if white men, the most privileged group on the planet, somehow have a right to be angry. Pray tell, angry about what? What the hell does any white man have to be angry about? One person said it is purely “penis envy” as more and more white women take up with non-white men. White men are feeling less that potent “down there” and this is pissing them off. But what else can possibly be behind white men being angry about anything? Who owns most of the wealth in America? Is it not white families? Who is getting multi-million salaries as the CEOs of most corporations? Is it not white men? Who own and runs Hollywood and its entire scheme of imaging other people? Is it not white males? Who is surrounding Trump—except for the pitiful looking Ben Carson—the only “N in the woodshed” — is it not all white men—and dare I say mostly rich white men? Look at the entire federal government and see who are the department heads and top level administrators. Are they not white men or the off spring of white men? Who is at the helm of all major sports, the owners, the managers, the front office personnel—white men or the offspring of white men. Look at any city police, fire, or city hall officials and staffing all across this country and what you will find are mostly white men. Look at who makes oppressive laws designed to incarcerate black men at a rate 7 times higher than whites—who is doing that? White men. It was white men in Texas who enacted the “burglary of a habitation law” that hands down a 99 year sentence for even thinking about entering a building with the intent to commit a felony? Who else came up with this to ensnare black men into virtual life sentences? White men, that’s who. So what the F do white men want now? What the hell do they have to be angry about? What would make the Sutherland killer get so mad that he would go into a church and start shooting? What are the seeds of this type of “white male anger?” This is the question that should now be the topic of national debate. Trump’s assessment that the church shooter had mental health issues is the same as one crazy person trying to diagnose another crazy person. Jack Nicholson already did this in “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest.” We have a clearly mentally ill, angry, president trying to assess the mental health of another angry white male killer. And of course, Trump cannot see that it is his own angry mental illness that is unleashing the type of chaos that his sick mind takes delight in observing. Make America Hate Again!

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