What Will It Take to Stop This??

Amarillo’s Solid Waste Department and Mayor Nelson recently addressed the issue of bulk trash in Amarillo alleys. Notice was given to residents to do their part to help resolve the problem. The mayor placed a sign on a dumpster about illegal dumping. What good did it do? Obviously not much.

Last week Solid Waste picked up all the trash in the alley behind the Hilltop Senior Center at 1311 N. Taylor. The grapple truck did a wonder job cleaning up the mess. The alley was clean for less than 5 days when the mess above was dumped all around the alley sometime Saturday. Take a look at this mess and try to get inside the head of anyone who would haul all this mess out and toss it on the ground around a dumpster. This mess is now being blown all over the neighborhood by the high wind. What will it take to stop this? The second picture showing the cardboard box and the old sofa and other trash is located in the alley behind 1301 N. Polk Street. This mess has been there for months and it is growing. Down the same alley there is a king size mattress laying near a dumpster. Again, what will it take to stop this? Obviously the folks who dumped this stuff never got the message to put it on the curb and then call Solid Waste to pick it up, or, they could care less. It is clear that the recent announcement from City Hall about nasty alleys is falling on deaf ears.

I have run out of words to express my disgust with trash all over Amarillo, especially the North side. The only solution is to just move—far away from Amarillo, Texas.

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