Roy “Big Bopper” Moore’s Homestretch Theme Song

Roy Moore is defiant to the end. Never mind all those “young girls” who ducked and dodged him in the malls. Never mind all those “sweet young things” who never wanted to go to their tenth grade trigonometry class for fear that the principal would call them to come and see Mr. Moore. Never mind all those teen age girls trying as hard as they could to just get through a recital—not realizing that Roy Moore was “looking and leering.” Never mind that a whole slew of women have made accusations about a thirty-something Moore showing interest in them as teenagers. Moore is defiant! Just like Donald Trump, Crotch Grabber in Chief. Now the Crotch Grabber is trying to change his flippant, braggadocios , “grab em by the p—-“ remarks into “fake news.” Everything is “ fake news” unless it comes from Fox News—or Vladimir Putin. And just think the “Grateful (to Putin) Fool” in the Oval Office had the nerves to call someone else a fool. According to Trump, everyone is out to get him—boo-hoo-hoo. Typical Trump—won’t own up to his lifelong predatory and disrespectful behavior toward women. Moore and Trump are two peas in a pod—two, lying, nasty men.

Big Bopper was a 1950s rock and roll singer who came up with the clever lyrics to a 1958 song called “Chantilly Lace.” Check out UTube and put Roy Moore’s face on a bobble head and you have the perfect combination for a new campaign theme song for Moore. To all the young girls Moore stalked and harassed, —-“you made him feel loose like a long neck goose…Oh baby, you knoooooow what I like!”

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