Free Money—Claim It!! But Also Beware!

It‘s that time of year for everyone to check for unclaimed property at the Official Unclaimed Property website– So by all means visit the website and enter your name or folks you know and see if there is free money waiting for you to claim. Unclaimed money can be from a wide variety of sources from insurance companies to savings accounts to what have you. When folks who have money that should have been paid to you can’t get it to you for whatever reason they are required by law to deposit the money in the Texas Unclaimed Property fund. There is currently over $2 billion dollars in the unclaimed property fund waiting to be claimed. The process is free and easy. Just go to “” and go to “Search.” Then enter the name to be searched and see what pops up—you never know.

BUT, you should also know that there are scammers out there who have made a cottage industry of claiming to be able to get unclaimed money on your behalf. One such outfit is called Refund Support Department. This company has sent out hundreds of letters to folks all over Texas claiming that some unnamed “Texas public agency,” has money on their behalf. People getting these letters are urged to call a number. One such number is 817-756-7098. If you Google this number it will show numerous complaints about getting money back for people. These people write individuals issuing a bogus claim number, saying that a large sum of money is owed them. They then offer to meet with targeted individuals to help them process the paperwork. They then tell individuals that they will have to pay one-half to them, and the rest of the money will be theirs—when it is paid out. The problem is that these individuals get plenty of personal information to use in a wide variety of illegal ways. These outfits will not tell you the name of the so-called “Texas public agency.” They say that they have audited Texas agencies looking for unclaimed money. They cannot explain why these state agencies have the names and address of people who are owed money but never notify these individuals of funds being held. When asked why these Texas agencies don’t turn the money over to the State Comptroller as unclaimed funds, they say that these agencies don’t have to do that. If you get a letter from any type of Refund Support Department beware that this is a scam. Report the information to the Texas Attorney General Consumer Fraud Division. Do not meet with these people. Do not give these people any personal information. Do not fall for this scam. If money is owed to you check “”

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