Merry CHRIST-mas, Donald Trump

Once again, The Braggart in Chief is praising himself for something. This time he’s taking credit for people saying, “Merry Christmas.” True to form Trump is bloating his “big head” to an every bigger head. I assume that by the time 2018 rolls around his big head will explode. Until it does I have a few words to say to “Bloated in Chief,” about Christmas.

Let me start by saying this. Until you can get the Jewish community to say Merry Christmas you haven’t done “a thang” Mr. Trump. Sure you hauled your but over to Israel appeasing Netanyahu and declared Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, but, did you know that those same folks do not accept Jesus Christ as the Messiah? Do you know that the Jews, except for a precious few, still reject Jesus as the Son of God? Everyone with an ounce of brain understands why you decided declare Jerusalem the capital. Everyone knows that you are pandering for votes from the Jewish community. Everyone knows that when you said the “Jews will be forever grateful” that you making them beholden to you in your 2020 run for the Oval Office. Even a blind man could see what you and your legion of strategists are doing. So now, get your strategists to get Jews to accept Jesus Christ as the Son of God. Even better, get the same Jewish vote that you are trying to “lock up” to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior. You can start in your own household Mr. Trump, with your Jewish son in law and your daughter Ivanka who is converting to Judaism. Get them to say Merry Christmas. Get them to accept Jesus as the Son of God and their Personal Savior.

But I have even more to say Mr. Trump. Let’s start with you. Let’s take a look at your conduct as a human being and line it up with Jesus Christ. You do know, Mr. Trump, that Jesus is the Reason for the Season—you do know that I assume. And so, let’s examine the humbly, born in a manager Jesus, and His life as a suffering servant for the benefit of all mankind, versus your life long, self-serving, money worshipping, self dealing behavior. If Jesus if the Reason for the season, and if Jesus put the “Christ” in Christmas, explain yourself. Explain to the 1500 homeless (mostly white) men in Amarillo, Texas how your policies will benefit them. Explain how the tax plan, that you just conned your fellow Republicans into ramming down the throats of the American people, will benefit all the Amarillo homeless folks living under the Cortez-Vaughan bypass. I suggest Mr. Trump that you come to Amarillo, drive down Hughes and drive over the overpass connector to Washington Street and look down at all the tents that have sprung up since you entered the Oval Office. I suggest Mr. Trump that you look into the faces of the 99.9 percent white males, that voted overwhelmingly for your hate-mongering message, and explain to them how you plan to deliver them from their tents and outside wood heaters in Amarillo’s freezing cold temperatures? I suggest Mr. Trump that you come to Amarillo, get the Amarillo Police Department to block off both ends of the Cortex-Vaughn connector and you stand on the bridge and speak to the hordes of unshaven, unkempt, living like refugees, homeless men, under the Cortez-Vaughn bridge. Come, Mr. Trump, speak to the new wretched of the earth. Come Mr. Trump, talk to Amarillo’s hungry and unbathed, and brag to them about the many gold laden bathrooms in your many mansions scattered all over the globe. Explain to all the folks who line up each week for free handouts at food banks all over Amarillo and explain to them how you plan to “make them great again.” Come Mr. Trump, explain to Amarillo’s rising numbers of poor whites how you boasting that folks can now say “Merry Christmas” makes them one whit better off. (As far as I know folks never stopped saying Merry Christmas anyway– yet another one of your big-headed lies.)

The “good news” that so many are focusing on this Christmas is how well the stock market is doing. Ask Amarillo’s homeless living under the bridge and lining up for free food handouts how the stock market is helping them? The economy, thanks to President Obama, is still robust, but wages are lagging behind. Talk to any Amarillo family struggling to pay the increasingly high rents being charged by Amarillo’s new “landed gentry.” This robust economy, coupled with all the cash already being horded by American corporations, makes a joke of Trump’s new tax plan designed to reward rich donors and cut the tax rate for the richest folks on the planet. A full 83 percent of the new tax plan benefits will go to the richest few, including the Trump clan. What Trump should have said was “Merry Christmas to me and mine,” because I pulled off yet another con on the American people. “Jesus Christ—who dat?”

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