Are You Ready For the Puppy Bowl??

Well, another Super Bowl Sunday is upon us—this one number 52-Hooray! As former Dallas Cowboy’s linebacker Thomas “Hollywood” Henderson once said, “The Super Bowl can’t be all that because they have to keep playing it every year.” I’m with Hollywood. And so this year I’m not tuning in to Super Bowl 52, including all the clever commercials and the half-time show. Instead I’m watching the Puppy Bowl—Channel 282, Animal Planet Network. (I understand there is also a “Kitty Bowl” that also offers alternative entertainment for those of us who prefer not to see grown men knocking each other around.)

This year’s Puppy Bowl will serve two purposes—distraction from Super Bowl 52 and a distraction from the crazy nonsense going on in Washington D. C. Donald Trump is running scared and he knows that his days are numbered from his sell out of this country to Putin. Hey Trump- what’s in those tax returns that you don’t want to ever see the light of day? What about “lock her up—Hillary” for your big mouth claim that she released classified information. Didn’t you just do something ever worse with that Nunes memo that you never even read. What a joke of a human—as I said, running scared—tweeting nonsense to try to distract and confuse. “You can fool some of the people some of the time but you cannot fool all the people all the time.”—signed Abraham Lincoln

The Puppy Bowl is probably the closest thing to Trump’s new Republican Party as you can get. Hey just throw some doggie treats out onto a mock playing field and watch them scramble. Instead of doggie treats, Trump tossed out tax cuts for the wealthiest folks on the planet—and boy did those once fiscally conservative Republicans start grabbing. Who cares about a trillion dollar deficit anymore? Hey, let’s just grab all we can while we can. Never mind that we will be voted out of office later this year, let’s just grab all we can and run like hell. Never mind all the poor folks living in tents under bridges such as those tents under the Cortez/Vaughn connector in Amarillo. Who gives a damn about those poor, “make America white again,” folks.

The Puppy Bowl will make us laugh—for a while—but what is currently unfolding in America since that clown Trump took office is no laughing matter. Not only do we have an illiterate, can’t read buffoon in the Oval Office, we have a traitor and a con artist. Imagine President Obama doing one-tenth of the stuff Trump has done. Where is the “noose for Trump?”

Some years ago I wrote a movie script entitled, “Super Bowl Monday” in which I imagined a scenario where aliens took over America while we were giving Super Bowl parties and watching the game. Hollywood agents told me that my script was too outlandish and fictional. “Can you hear me now?” Never did I imagine that my imagined story would come true. While we will be watching the Super Bowl, Trump and his gang of deplorable strategists will be plotting to make sure that the Russian flag will soon fly atop the White House. Now I know why Trump’s White House has so many strategists. They are there to conceal the truth about the most corrupt man to ever sit in the Oval Office. His crimes must be kept from the light of day—at whatever cost—even the cost of every democratic institution. And this same forked-tongue heathen had the gall to use the words, “a disgrace.” He is the disgrace of the modern era.

And so, while I will be watching the Puppy Bowl—and having a few good laughs, I will not be totally unmindful that Trump is still plotting with Putin to destroy America. Trump has to do Putin’s bidding in exchange for the deal they made. I will be laughing at the puppies in the Puppy Bowl, but that pathological lying, racist, dog in the White House is no laughing matter.

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