Well, once again the local United Store and others stores, have come out, once again with the same old tired Monopoly “collect and win” game. I should be tired of writing about this joke of a con on grocery shoppers. But this will be my last post on this topic. If you read any of my former posts about this game, you might remember that it started out as a $1 million give away. Then it went to $4 million, then $8 million, and yup, today the “prizes and money saving offers” are up to “over $250 million.”

As you already know for three years I requested the awarded prize list from United. They supplied information that showed that the prizes actually given away were a pittance compared to their “bigly” promotion. Do these stores actually have “over” $250 million in prizes and money savings offers? It’s a shell game because you and I both know that the big ticket items are never actually printed at the number of prizes available. And we both know that the game being played is that no one can ever claim that prizes were not awarded because the “joke is on us” catch is that United and all the rest of these stores can claim that no one knows who might have had a prize winning ticket and never claimed it—or threw the ticket on the parking lot. As they say, we don’t know what we don’t know—and therein lies the rub with this year’s bigly $250 million “prizes and money savings offers.” And behind the scenes, when it comes to “cooking the books,” I strongly suspect that there are bottom line tax consequences that leave the companies involved in these games, “smelling like a rose.”

The problem that I have with the new game that started on February 8, 2018 is the same problem I had with all the previous games. Right now yellow squash and zucchini is $1.29 a pound at United. Two squash are about a pound. Apples are $1.29 a pound—on sale—that about 65 cents per apple. Bananas have gone up to .59 cents a pound. The small snack oranges that used to be 6 or8 and sometimes 10 for a dollar are now 3 for a dollar. Across the board, including Wal-Mart, grocery prices are going through the roof and people are struggling to feed themselves. It is particularly hard for families with children. There is tremendous food insecurity in Potter and Randall counties. Yet, Mr. Conservative, Amarillo’s Four Price is touting his conservative voting record to spend money on building a wall, sniping at sanctuary cities regarding immigrants, and otherwise taking a hard line approach against the majority of the poor people in his very red district. I wonder if Four Price has bothered to visit the people living in tents under the Cortez/Vaughn connector. Hey price, run your behind over there and give a bigly speech about your voting record this last Texas legislative session and see if it fills the empty bellies of all the hungry people trying to keep warn in their tents and using port-a-potties. And while you’re over there, Four Price, trot down the street a few blocks and visit with the horde of men standing at the corner of 6th and Washington trying to find some type of day labor to feed themselves another day. What did your voting record do to help out the poorest in your district?

Combine the “bigly” United $250 million con game with Trump’s latest big ego wish for a military parade and you can see where we are headed. Trump, the “the vile human toad who is squatting befoulingly on the throne of this nation—the worst of American president ever, has his bloviatingly ignorant head focused on more of himself once again. This ignoramus who avoided the draft five times because of “bad feet,” wants to portray his sorry soul as some type of military dictator. And his ignorant base is cheering this fool on. I don’t know which is worse, the United $250 million Monopoly game or Donald Trump. Either way, I’m with the comedian who said that the only way she would visit Trump in the White House is if she took a U-Haul.

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