Differences in Black and White

In June 2015 after nine members of the Mother Emanuel AME Church were gunned down during prayer meeting by a white racist named Dylan Roof, President Obama went to Charleston to deliver the eulogy for the church pastor Clementa Pinckney who was one of the victims. The President’s 37 minute long eulogy spoke about “a good man” cut down by hate. The President’s eulogy then addressed the overarching issues of race relations, violence and the American character—in black and white. The President ended his eulogy by singing Amazing Grace.

Last week another shooting left 17 high school students dead at the hands of hate filled shooter. The response from the current occupant of the White House, Donald Trump, the worst president ever, was a barrage of dumb, self-serving, silly tweets. Even as families laid their loved ones to rest, Trump’s disrespect for their lives moved front and center as he continued on his mission to destroy America at the urging of Vladimir Putin. As victim after victim was memorialized, as anguished families searched for comfort, Trump had no words to offer. Instead, he took to Twitter with ignorant, incomprehensible, often misspelled words, never once showing one ounce of emotion for all the promising lives cut short by the same type of violence that he vowed to unleash on America. What should now be patently clear to everyone is that Donald Trump takes delight in chaos. It is clear that Donald Trump, a psychopath, “whom the world will regret was ever born” according to one senator, is on a one-man mission to destroy America—at the bequest of Vladimir Putin.

Anyone who does not believe that one evil human can create chaos need only look at Nikolas Cruz—and Donald Trump. Anyone who does not believe that “one bad apple” will not destroy a whole bag of good apples has never left that one bad apple in the bag long enough. Trump, Cruz, and Dylan Roof are no mere “bad apples.” These people are Satanic and evil—hard core. That Trump could stay up all night sending out silly tweets, misspelling “little,” as “liddle,” going on an ego trip attacking the FBI and the Russian investigation, says a lot about the soul of this poor excuse for a human being.

Young high school students have now started a movement to force this country to address gun control so they can feel safe at school. I am reminded that after scores of police shootings of young black men, young black people rallied to address gun violence by police in what became known as “Black Lives Matter.” The response and push back was immediate and crushing. Fox News immediately dubbed “Black Lives Matter” as a racist, anti-police group. It was not long before spinoff, same name sounding groups sprung up everywhere to undermine the movement—All Lives Matter, Unborn Lives Matter, Blue Lives Matter—you name it—the push back was swift. Black Lives Matter was soon suppressed by the white establishment that preferred to kill “black messengers.” That same white establishment is now praising young white students for banding together with a movement of their own to address gun control. Praise for one group—the victims of gun violence—denigration and malicious attacks on the other group for doing the same thing.

America is a country of strange and unexplainable dualities—otherwise known as hypocrisy. If President Obama had done or said one tenth of the things that have come from Trump he would have already been run out of Washington. That same group of people—the Republican Party, that vowed from day one never to work with President Obama and to oppose him on every piece of legislation —from gun control to a balanced budget, have fallen in line blindly behind the ignoramus who now occupies the Oval Office. Differences in black and white–but there will come a day of reckoning for America’s hypocrisy.

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