Sue the City of Amarillo!!

Citizens all across Amarillo need to band together and hire a good law firm to sue the City of Amarillo. The picture above is Exhibit A for why the City of Amarillo should be sued. This is a picture of the alley across from Robert E. Lee School, at Northwest 15th and Polk Street. This picture is just one of many nasty alleys all across Amarillo with mounds of uncollected bulk trash. Today I called the City of Amarillo Solid Waste Department and asked if the City of Amarillo had stopped cleaning alleys, especially on the north side of town. I was told that the City of Amarillo now has only one knuckle boom truck to clean all the alleys in Amarillo. I repeated, “one truck for a town of almost 190,000 residents?” Yes, only one truck was the answer. And I was told that the only way to get an alley cleaned is to call in, get on a list, and wait.

So let’s run the numbers, one truck, let’s say 10,000 alleys, maybe four alleys a week…that comes to how many years before an alley cleanup request will get a response —about 50 years. In the meantime, the City of Amarillo is moving full speed ahead digging that big hole at 10th and Buchanan for a new baseball park. In the meantime the Amarillo City Council is doling out money to every grifter special interest group that shows up. The residents of Amarillo should be outraged. What we need is a good lawsuit to make the City of Amarillo accountable to the citizens whose taxes supply the revenues for the City to pander to the special interest groups who control this town. Enough is enough! We don’t need protest signs, we don’t need marches–we need accountability for revenue impact decisions being made behind closed doors at City Hall that discriminate against a large swatch of Amarillo residents. What is happening in Amarillo is a shame. There is no reason why a resident of Amarillo should get on a list and wait for years to have trash removed from an alley. Mayor Nelson’s last, fake “dog and pony” show about having citizens haul trash to the front curb was just that—a fake dog and pony show meant to temporarily appease the growing outrage over City malfeasance regarding trash removal. At the same time of her big fake show of concern, behind closed doors decisions were under consideration to dole out taxpayer money to special interests groups who are little more than “City Hall welfare queens.”

Again, I say, sue the city of Amarillo. Any lawyers listening?—or do we need to bring in outside big guns who know how to bring a taxpayer accountability lawsuit and how to make the City of Amarillo pay their attorney fees?

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