Comey vs. Trump

James Comey’s new book, “A Higher Loyalty” has Trump trash-talking—just like the old thug that he is. Trump, the illiterate, never read a book, occupant of the Oval Office should be kissing Comey’s rear end because it was Comey’s actions toward Hillary two weeks before the 2016 election that landed Trump’s incompetent, ignorant, rear end in the Oval Office. Instead of thanking Comey, Trump is up to his usual gutter sniping calling Comey a “slime ball.” Very presidential language never before used in the history of this country. Just plain thuggish.

Over the past 2 years I have posted so many columns about Trump that I have nearly run out of nouns, pronouns, verbs, and adjectives to describe this cretin. What I said before Trump was elected is coming true in ways unimaginable. Trump is even worse than anyone ever thought he would be. I called Trump a “mob boss” wannabe, many months ago—now Comey is saying the same thing. I said that Trump would “burn this mother down”—now Comey is saying that Trump is like a fire that should be contained. I said that Trump was an immoral SOB, now Comey is saying the same thing. I said that Trump was little more than a circus act running around in a suit—Comey is saying the same thing.

Trump is calling Comey a liar. But the general consensus about Trump is that if his lips are moving he is lying—and that if he uses the words “the” and “and” in a sentence even the “the” and the “and” are lies. One prominent newspaper has kept tabs on Trump lies—he has been in office 445 days and has so far told 2845 lies. Now who’s the liar?

Trump is on track to start the worst episode of “white on white” crime since the Civil War. What Trump is doing is laughable to minorities who are accustomed to second class treatment. Now it’s white America’s turn to become peons and slaves in a country that Trump thinks should only be for white people. See any black folks around Trump? Except for Ben Carson, who is the “token in the woodshed” all the people being abused by Trump are white people—mostly white men. Isn’t it strange that it was white men who overwhelmingly voted for Trump but in the past 445 days he has trashed so many honorable white men it is laughable. Trump’s jealousy driven fight with a real billionaire, Bezos, head of Amazon, costs thousands of white people to lose money in their holdings of Amazon stock. Again, kicking white people in their rear ends. And the same old question should be asked—what if President Obama has trashed and dogged as many white men as Trump has done? What’s the matter with white men that they would bow down to Satan Himself, Donald Trump, and allow this no count thug to kick them in their rear end? What do white men want out of a Trump Administration that they would bow down—week in and week out–to a worthless POS like Trump?

It is clear that the Trump era will be viewed in history as the dark days that ushered in the beginning of white people in America willingly taking the mark of the beast. White evangelicals, especially, have tossed aside all Biblical principles and are worshipping the image of Trump already. White evangelicals have stated with a clear voice that if Trump can keep them economically secure that they will follow him right through the gates of hell. They are well on their way. Trump promised that if he did not become president that he would burn this country down—he never mentioned that he would also burn it down if he became president. And so, today, four days after Trump ran his ignorant mouth promising to do something “within 24 to 48 hours” about the situation in Syria he has done nothing because Putin is holding him literally by his balls. Putin has communicated with Trump and told him that if he dropped one bomb that he would drop another type of bomb on him. Now Trump is running scared— trash talking Comey, the very man who is responsible for his ignorant behind sitting in the Oval Office. Trump is one dumb SOB!!

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