The New Embassy – Not in My Name

Yesterday, Donald Trump, the Spawn of Satan, touted another, “promise kept” by moving the U. S. Embassy to Jerusalem, in effect bestowing the blessings of the U. S. upon Israel to continue the genocide of the Palestinians. This foul deed was done to the worst display of arrogance even seen, as folks like the misfit, lying, false prophet, John Hagee, showed up to pray and bless what no decent person would condone. I will say it loud and clear, as an American, what happened yesterday was not done in my name.

Trump is a corrupt criminal. He is also a cunning, corrupt criminal. More than anything else, yesterday Trump played his “best” political hand by pandering, and firmly securing, as he said he would, the Jewish vote. While young white Neo Nazis march in the streets, carrying Tiki torches, chanting, “The Jews will never replace us, Trump is playing them like a fiddle by throwing these same young white fools under the bus and hopping firmly in bed with all things Jewish. All things Jewish include his Jewish son in law Jared Kushner, his daughter Ivanka who is converting to Orthodox Judaism, and her children. Yesterday’s so called “dignitaries” at the opening event, did not include one poor white redneck carrying a Tiki torch. Trump has used you like a fiddle. Instead, Trump sent over an entire delegation of many rich Jews to partake of this disgusting spectacle.

One can only wonder what Jews across this world must be thinking right now. At the same time that the foul opening ceremony was underway Israeli soldiers were busy killing and maiming Palestinians—by last count over 60 dead and over 2000 injured. And almost immediately Trump sent a very dark skinned spokesman of foreign descent to go before the White House Press Corp and blame Hamas. The blame the victim, spin machine, was put into place simultaneous with the ongoing genocide of Palestinians whose only crime is wanting not to be displaced from land they occupied before 1948. It was in 1948 that the British Barbour Doctrine carved out a place for the “wandering Jews” who were being wiped out across the world by Hitler’s anti Jewish machine. The Jews were given a place to go as a result of what can only be called great humanitarian efforts to save the rest of them from extermination. But having been given a home to save their butts from extinction was not enough. Over the past 50 years this stiff-necked, godless people have begun the greatest land grab since Hitler unleashed his own Greater Germany for Germans that led to the gassing of 8 million Jews. How soon Jews forget that it was Hitler’s desire for more land for Germans that sent the Jews to his death chambers. The cry “never again” has been swiftly lost as the Jews now set about to take land from the Palestinians and to put them in concentration camps—on their own land. This is the back story that is not being told about the Embassy. The U. S. in effect is helping Israel to do to the Palestinians exactly what Hitler did to them.

It has never ceases to amaze me that the U. S. could be so friendly with Israel and the Jews. If America is a “Christian nation,” which is a blatant lie, why is this country in bed with Israel? The Jews do not believe that Jesus was the Messiah; in fact they are still awaiting the true Messiah. The Jews reject the New Testament and only accept the Old Testament. So again, why is America bowing down to this God-less bunch of people? The reason is money. The reason Trump and his cohorts are so willing to hop in bed with Israel is Jewish money in America. Trump sealed the Jewish vote for Republicans yesterday. The blood of the Palestinians running in the streets meant nothing. Trump would sell his own grandchildren’s souls for a dollar. And he did just that on yesterday. You can bet that somewhere beneath the layers of Trump’s criminality some money will flow to the Trump bunch for moving the Embassy to Jerusalem. The chickens will eventually come home to roost on Israel and what will be unleashed will make Hitler’s deed look like a picnic on the beach. I for one will not stand before a Living God on Judgment Day and try to answer the question of why I did not speak out against the godless genocide by Israel of the Palestinians.

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