The “Royal Wedding”

Call me a party pooper but I was not the least bit mesmerized by the marriage of Harry and Meghan Markle. Of course I understand “British Royalty” and all the hoopla that goes with anything these folks do, but, come on. The 36-year old Ms. Markle, as they say in my neighborhood, has already been “around the block.” (Of course I understand the race and class undertones going on. I also understand the symbolism of a royal “prince” marrying a bi-racial woman, especially for black women. It sends a clear message that maybe there is a glimmer of hope that men of different races will see us as potential mates to address the woeful dearth of eligible black men for available black women—70 percent of whom will never marry.) Meghan wore a white dress for her first marriage to Trevor Engelson in 2011. They divorced in 2013. She wore an even whiter and flashier dress for her marriage to Harry which sort of sent the wrong message from all the clerical voices about “marriage is solemn, not to be entered into lightly and from God” and “until death do us part.” Hey didn’t she make the same vows to her first husband Engelson? Of course, it’s their day so who am I to rain on their parade.

In the meantime, the world is in chaos being spearheaded by the Spawn of Satan in the Oval Office. A new E-book called, “How Trump is ‘Niggerizing’ America—and the World” will soon hit the Internet and will parallel how the actions and policies of the Trump administration will make the average white person no better off than—well you know who—as the title suggests. The title of the book has nothing to do with race or skin color, instead it explains how the Trump folks are using the same formula that America used to first enslave black people and then to keep them repressed socially, economically, and politically. This formula is now in full force to do the same thing to a wide swatch of America—more specifically, white America. This formula will and is enslaving a wide swatch of white Americans who will find themselves on the wrong side of the crass divisiveness that is the cornerstone of the Trump era. What they will discover much too late is that the “Make America Great (White) Again,” agenda, is a clever tool to begin the greatest mental enslavement in the history of the world. The irony is that the same folks who saw Trump as their “Great White Hope” will discover, much too late, that he has cleverly tricked them into occupying the same boat black folks have been in for 350 years. And when they finally realize what he did their cries of “I will not be treated like a n******er, will come much too late.

And so as the world escapes the realities of global warming, global pollution, a dying planet, the destruction of the Amazon forest, rising rivers, shrinking sources of potable water, class warfare, oppression of the working class by the richest few, and the rise of race hatred across the globe, the “Royal Wedding” is a nice distraction. After the spectacle has worn off in a couple of weeks, and the newly married couple tries to find obscurity in some castle somewhere, the serious times that we face as a world will resurface. After all, coverage of the Royal Wedding took precedence over the senseless killings at Santa Fe High School. The world would rather see the pomp and circumstance of a wedding outside London, a bevy of celebrities and unusual hats—at least for a day– than deal with hate, violence and guns in America. Well, according to reports, almost $750 million dollars will be spent by folks gawking at the Royal Wedding. Not too shabby-I guess.

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