More Nasty Amarillo Alleys

Over the weekend someone in the 1400 block of North Polk dumped loads of old lumber in the alley. The new City policy requires that this mess to be placed on the front curb and a call for a pick up. Imagine this mess on the front curb and in the street. Also, today, when the regular trash man picked up the trash in the 1200 block of North Tyler he had to park his truck, get out and move all the heavy furniture and other trash strewn right in the road way. What he picked up was the trash shown in the picture from my post, “Shame on the City of Amarillo.” I stood and watched him do the work of two men to clear all the trash before he could continue his route. I hope he gets double pay for having to do this work.

The recent pictures I have posted are just a small sampling of all the trash in alleys all over Amarillo, especially the North side. Drive down NW 12th Street between Harrison and Jefferson and take a look at all the huge truck tires strewn all over vacant lots. Better still just drive around and take a look at all the mounds of trash in Amarillo alleys all over town. Check out the alley on North Georgia at 8th Street. It is a shame.

As I mentioned in my column, “Shame on the City of Amarillo” the City of Amarillo’s refusal to clean city alleys is adversely affecting property values all over town. Residents in these parts of town pay property taxes at the same rate as folks in more well off neighborhoods. The City of Amarillo is clearly treating some Amarillo residents as second class citizens when it comes to equal treatment for neighborhood beautification and blight removal. This is not only illegal it is morally wrong and city officials should be held accountable.

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