Should Tim Tebow Be Run Out of America?

Once again, the most ignorant and the most corrupt person to ever sit in the Oval Office, Donald Trump, is obeying Putin directive to keep cultural wars going. And Trump is doing precisely as Putin is ordering him to do with his recent ignorant-headed tweet that any NFL player refusing to stand for the National Anthem should leave the country. Why is Trump trying to micro manage the NFL? After all it was Trump who ran the USFL into total failure leaving a debt of $163 million dollars. But we know why Trump is targeting the NFL—all those black men players. I wonder if Trump would have told Tim Tebow to leave the country for running down the middle of the field and kneeling and praying—or whatever he was doing. What I remember about Tebow’s antics is that the press box and the fans put up with delaying the game for him to put on his little show.

Anyone with an ounce of intelligence can see what Trump is up to with his tweet rages about the NFL. It is nothing but “red meat” for his bigoted based—calculated to “keep hate alive.” Anyone with an ounce of intelligence knows that the simple minded Trump thrives best in a world of causing chaos—mostly chaos that diverts attention from his criminality and corruption. What is unfolding every week about the Gang of Thugs in the White House is that they are out to make money and nothing else. The White House is for sale along with every federal agency. Every day another shoe drops on how Michael Cohen was selling the White House. And anyone with an ounce of brain knows that Trump would never have allowed Cohen to make millions and not funnel part of that money back to Trump. The only thing left is a report that “follows the money.” And so while Mueller keeps doing his job, Trump is running scared like a thief. His so called best offence is to do what he does best, tweet senseless ignorant headed crap! What he does best to distract and diffuse attention from his corruption and criminality is to talk in high sounding hyperbole about some type of “spygate.” What he continues to do best is blame Obama for everything. And so we can expect more and more kicking and screaming nonsense from Trump and his new surrogate, his “old hag” Rudy Giuliani–two old thugs trying to flim-flam America.

And so once again I ask would Tim Tebow have been asked to leave the country for expressing his religious beliefs on the football field? Yes, I know that the over-hyped talents of Tebow are no longer in use by the NFL, but my point is that no one attacked Tebow for his personal religious expressions in the middle of a football game. Was it because he was white? I suspect the answer is yes. Trump is Exhibit A for what white men can get away with. Imagine President Obama tweeting a lot of the stupid crap Trump has tweeted? Imagine President Obama being caught up in paying hush money to whores? Imagine President Obama making $45 million off a building he continued to own after he took office. Imagine President Obama calling someone “an animal?” Imagine a whole list of unethical and corrupt shady dealings that Trump is engaged in and just imagine how white America would have responded if President Obama has done just one of them. The hypocrisy of this country has reached its lowest point since Trump lied and conned his way into the Oval Office. But, the chickens will come home to roost on Trump’s criminality. He will go down in history as the most ignorant and corrupt man to ever occupy the Oval Office. Instead of running NFL players out of the country maybe it’s Trump who needs to “git.” The country would be a lot better off.

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