What will it take?

Earlier today I looked through my kitchen window and saw a late model white Ford pickup slowly backed down my alley and up to the dumpster. Because of a clump of trees blocking my view I could not see what the man was doing—that is until I suspected something when he hopped in his truck and sped off. I immediately went to check and what he did was dump a washing machine in the dumpster. Never mind that there is a sign on the dumpster about dumping large items, especially appliances. Never mind all that. I guess we can only conclude that the ignoramus who did this could not read.

And so come Monday when the trash man picks up the trash what he will empty from the dumpster behind my house will be a washing machine. Who puts a washing machine in a dumpster? Why not scrap it out. There are people all over Amarillo who regularly pick up recyclable metals for a few bucks. Some people pay a few dollars for used appliances working or not. I suspect that the person who dumped the washing machine was paid a few dollars to haul it off. Well he did just that, but look at where he put it. But who will ever know? Only the person who sneaked down my alley, dumped the washing machine then left like a bat out of hell knows why he chose to ignore the notice on the dumpster not to place large items inside or on the ground beside the dumpster. In fact the City of Amarillo’s new policy is that large bulky items should be placed on the front curb and a call made to Solid Waste at 378-6813 for a pickup.

This column is my last column complaining about nasty Amarillo. I have wasted hundreds of words and taken wads of photos, showing the ever increasing blight in Amarillo. None of my words or photos have made one iota of a difference. Tires and other large household items are still being dumped all over the North side. Too many Amarillo residents still drive down the street and toss litter out the window. Too many Amarillo residents still toss large empty quart size beer bottles onto the streets leaving broken glass on the roadway. Too many Amarillo residents seem not to realize that if everyone litters then Amarillo will soon become a trash heap. Whatever the reasons for the blight and neglect in certain parts of Amarillo it is an ongoing problem in search of a solution. If the City of Amarillo can no longer do an adequate job of cleaning alleys, what other solutions are there? Should Amarillo churches forgo one day of worship per month and urge their parishioners to stay home and clean up their neighborhoods? Should Amarillo churches divert one Sunday a month of tithes and set up a community fund to keep Amarillo beautiful? Should individuals on court ordered community supervision be required to perform alley clean up? Should parents require their children to put down their cell phones for one hour a week and clean the alley where they live? Should every community form Alley Clean- Up block clubs to address the nasty alley problem all over Amarillo? Any ideas anyone?

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