5 Phrases Black People Must Abolish If We Are Ever To Get Ahead

from AverageBro.com

My job as a socially responsible blogger is to sometimes say sht that hurts, with intentions of waking people up and steering them in the right direction. One thing that continues to hold black folks back is bassackwards self-limiting behavior that’s best evidenced in some of the Negro Talking Points that many of us utilize on the regular. Until we eliminate these phrases from our collective vocabularies, we will stay losin’. And I don’t want us to stay losin’, I want us to start winnin’. In that vein, I present to you, a quintet of things Black people need to stop saying, as of today.

1. “My Baby Got Good Hurrrr” – Black people, for the last time: there is no such thing as “good” hair Black hair comes in all grades, colors, thicknesses, and varying degrees of waviness. Ask any brother who has succumbed to male pattern baldness, or any woman with one of those hideous Vivica A. Foxx hairlines, and they’ll tell you: they’d much rather have their own full head of hair back, regardless of how “good” or “bad” it originally was.

2. “I’m An Independent Black Woman” – Ahhh, the mythical “Independent black woman”, a shopworn cliché just as tired as that lame Lil’ Boosie song. Ladies, let’s face it: if being able to pay your own bills without the help of a man makes you “Independent”, then you probably have some Daddy issues that have lead to your dramatically lowered sense of self. How about we just substitute the term “self sufficient” or “able bodied”? I’ve yet to hear the term “Independent” applied to a black man who is able to knock out the bills without mooching off some chick. The true litmus test of being independent is not having to announce it to anyone. Why the double standard? And BTW, in any marriage that has a chance, there’s got to be some level of interdependence. Is all I’m sayin’.

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