Black American

by Kami Ashley

I recently received this video in a email from one of my cousins and I was originally not intending to open it, but I did anyways. Now I’m glad I did open it because almost everyday at my house and my uncles houses we have this same exact discussion.

Whether or not we want to be called African American and whether or not we have a choice in America. Somehow we always end up joking about this subject because it is a very serious and emotional one, and theres always one of us who says “Call Me What I Look Like”, which isn’t always best. Later on after we make a decision on what race we look like, we realize that no matter what we say, we are and always will be called and classified as African American. I am proud to be a Black American.

The point is America has given all people of the different shades of black and brown the name African American but not all people are descendants from Africa. I for one am a Black American Indian on both sides of my family. We’re even Black Frenchman. But since we all have dark skin we shall forever be called African American. Some days it matters to me and some days it doesn’t. It really matters to me when I fill out applications or register for classes or apply for scholarships because there is no option for Black American Indian.

But take a look at this video.


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Kami Ashley


  1. avatar Kami Ashley says:

    Thank You Mrs. London-Hall!!!! Spread the word and post this in a hurry! I really wish I could publish this in a place where everybody would run across it because even though this a very largely discussed topic, I feel that it should be discussed even more; all the time whenever, wherever, and however. Yes, this most certainly does need to be in a history book because almost all of our history as People Of Color has not and probably never will be told the way it happened or never told at all. Our young people need to know everything whether its against the law or not and especially our future generations because in my last history book in high school (graduated in 2008), there weren’t even over 100 pages that had to do with People of Color and even I found that a highly disrespectful.

    Thank You again for your opinion!!

  2. avatar Sheila London-Hall says:

    OMG!Enough said for 54yrs I have felt it, thought it even wrote a poem about it.But Mr.Smokey said it all.It’s long over due,thank you, thank you, my gratitude to you!I have always said that I was somebody special and have always said I was Black and Proud! Say it Loud!I have had the same problems with all applications of of all kinds. Ninety percent of the time I mark “Other”,let the idiot that created that app figure it out cause I know who I am and not who they want me to be. “Hello”!I will be putting this on my Fb,MS,BP,ISC,and WW’s pages!This needs to be in a history book ahh,Texas!Since y’all want to pick & choose what to write or not write in the “New History Books'(LOL)ENOUGH SAID THAT’S ALL I GOT TO SAY!!!!!!!!!