by Fransetta Crow

I WISH I COULD FIND somebody that can make me believe that we don’t need SINGLE MEMBER DISTRICTS. I  along with others agree on the issue and the importance of representation from the entire city of Amarillo. TAXSATION WITHOUT REPERSENTATION  is unconstitutional and this unfair visible display speaks for it’s self. I am talking about the PICTURES THAT ARE POSTED ON BLACKAMARILLO.COM , on the Poorly planned  SIDEWALKS THAT HAS BEEN LAID ON NORTH HUGHES STREET . This is showing the Past and Present Quality of work and service that is enforced upon TAX PAYERS AND PROPERTY OWNERS in NORTH HEIGHTS AMARILLO TX. The people have been victimized and oppressed for over 50 years by our CITY GOVERNMENT. Our FEDERAL GOVERNMENT ALLOCATES FUNDING TO ADDRESS THE VERY TYPE  SITUATION THAT WE ARE BEING CONFRONTED WITH NOW. It has been over 100 years and North Hughes did not have a pedestrian safe, Handicapped accessiable  sidewalk in place on the main THURFARE INTO THE BLACK COMMUNITY.  HUGHES Street is not only a Residential street but also a Commercial street and has heavy traffic flow of over 1000 to 8000 vehicles daily on a TWO LANED STREET. The City of Amarillo Did Not Want SIDEWALKS ON NORTH HUGHES AND DID EVERYTHING TO PREVENT OR DENY the PROJECT PURPOSAL THAT WAS presented for funding approval. After The application was submitted a second time the EAST Side was approved for funding to put side walks down. In order to get the funding for the WEST SIDE  another project narrative was updated and presented , and The City of Amarillo agreed to pay for it with the STIMILUS MONEY  The CITY OF AMARILLO IS VIOLATING THE CIVIL RIGHTS OF THE NORTH HEIGHTS TAX PAYER AND PROPERTY OWNER by refusing to live up to their own city ordinances to keep all communities safe and clean , and to keep our neighborhood clean and put the right and safe Infrastructure in place . The North Height residents are also being DISCRIMINATED against and not treated fairly as the citizens on the SOUTH SIDE OF AMARILLO. The work being done on the SIDEWALKS is not only disgusting and an INSULT, but our MAYOR  spoke to me over the phone last week and I appealed to her to  please  ” COME SEE WHAT I SEE”, again and to  help in making  sure the work was done right and also to help improve the community and the property that is City property. Many properties are out of conformity with the overall landscape of the street in several places and need to be addressed , and easily could with stimulus funding but OUR MAYOR SAID NO , and that she would uphold what ever the  CITY Engineers decided to do. Well what we see in the Pictures tells us  that their intentions are to ignore the PROPERTY OWNERS / TAXPAYER in North Amarillo. I know that if you drive all over Amarillo and look at the other sidewalks that have been put in other communities they  have not been put down like this and this would not have been accepted . Why is the City allowing this travesty here in NORTH AMARILLO ?  What A SHAME !   NOW I ASK AGAIN ” WHO KILLED NORTH HEIGHTS AMARILLO TX” ?

I will be  writting a weekly update on the NORTH HUGHES STREET  SITUATION.


Frankly Fran

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Frankly Fran


  1. avatar kathryn says:

    Who Killed North Amarillo? Francetta Crow and her two faced friends did!! Mrs. Crow, I think you are just as guilty as the mayor. You rolled into her office and started this city messing with the north side in a negative light. You claimed that when our elderly people were getting bills from the city because they were ‘Cleaning Up the Heights’it was the Mayors doing! But it was you that went into the mayors office several times and asked her to clean it up. A lot of older people got bills they couldn’t afford. You should have put together a clean up crew of the young people. Francetta Crow, you start a lot of mess for the north side of Amarillo and I’ll bet that if people look into this matter you are actually behind this side walk mess. Sure there was some mess and old cars that needed to be cleaned up but the city now has leans on some peoples property because they couldn’t pay for the mess you and a few other started. You guys were pulling up trees and leaving them on the ground of others property next to where they were pulled from. Another bill for someone else. Francetta Crow sit down. This community does not want to elect you for Any positions. We need straight forward honest people speaking up for this community and it’s about time people knew you are playing both sides of the fence.