The Silent Majority, who will speak for them?

by Fransetta Crow

Hello! Well I am back and I am Proud to say that this is my FIRST YEAR CELEBRATION of  writing my Column ” FRANKLY FRAN”.I have addressed a variety of subjects and situations with the attempt to give fair and balanced conversation to my bloggers and have enjoyed your fair and honest response. Thank YOU!!


I was taught as a child by my father Hershel Mitchell, one of  the Black Pioneers of Amarillo Texas, TO ALWAYS DO YOUR BEST and TO STAND UP FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN. My dad use to often tell us as children “IF YOU DON’T STAND UP FOR SOMETHING, YOU WILL SIT DOWN AND TAKE ANYTHING! I have always believed and lived by that fact, and it is just as true to day as it was back then.  Based on those principles an Intuition along with GODS  Inspiration I know that this is one of my calls in life and I am thankful to be used  to serve God .Thur my column I have not only addressed issues that affect our lives, but I stand up and speak out for the SILENT MAJORITY. I speak up for those that are confronted with their rights being violated and exploited everyday with no voice, and no recourse. This does not mean that they are  satisfied with what they are forced to endure and go on with their lives. Those that standup and speak out , are the ” MESSENGERS” they are usually the victims of much abuse and endured Character Assinations, are Discredited , Slandered and Persecuted simply because they exercised their  FIRST AMMENDMENT RIGHTS, THE FREEDOM OF SPEECH.  In the King James Revised Version in the Book of LUKE  6: 22-23 also in Matthew 5: 10-11, I am told that I will be persecuted for righteousness sake and also that I have a reward to look forward to. I engaged in my Individual Right to speak in my own behalf and in doing so I speak for those who cannot or will not speak for themself, or are afraid or don’t know how. The list of people that fall into the SILENT MAJORITY are : Older Adults, Children, Disabled, Medically Challenged, Homeless,Low Income/Poverty, Uneducated, Unemployed, and  those that are Incarcerated. I will continue to participate , volunteer , and serve my Community and my City as long as I can and  keep the vision of positive change for myself  my community and those who are silent.

I am proud of the positive contributions that I have made and I will not apologize  for or justify  my actions or efforts in my effort to be involved  in any part of my life ,or defend myself for attempting to help others. I get positive response and encouragement daily by people that can see the effort and the good that have been the end result of my involvement to make a difference. I INVITE YOU TO STEPUP AND STANDUP IN MY SHOES!!!


North Hughes Street is one of the most used streets in Amarillo, Anybody that has  lived in Amarillo for any time has had to  or has driven down North Hughes Street. All nationalities have used it and are still using it as I speak. These people can see the work, and the quality of work that is taking place now, and it will speak for it’s self. There are some property owners whose property was done right and there are those who were discriminated against be cause they did not receive the same consideration to maintain their property from soil erosion, also the repair of damage sustained in the process of laying the sidewalks. The good news is that It is  very much needed and many are beginning to us them . I have asked many of the pedestrians how they feel about the sidewalks and they have responded . They are Glad that they are here and all have asked what has taken so long ? As I stated in an earlier article that the sidewalks are funded with Federal Funding , we have a right as Tax payers to question and comment and respond to what affects us, our community and the citizens of our community as PROPERTY OWNERS. It remains to be seen what the end results will look like, who the City Engineers have discriminated against as property owners and HOW MUCH MONEY THAT HAS BEEN SPENT, simply because they refused to do the right thing from the start.

Too Blessed To Be Stressed!
Frankly Fran

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Frankly Fran