The Real Carver Dragons

The Real Carver Dragons
by Anthony A. Moore

As I stood in the center football & track field of the Old Carver High School and watched the evening sun slowly sank in the west. I could feel the cool breeze upon my skin. Then I slowly closed my eyes and I could imagine the colors of a Blue & Gold Haze rise from where the sun had sunk.

A vision like the great Phoenix bird that raised from the ashes a Mighty Dragon crossed my thoughts. If this had happened what would I had told the Great Dragon on my quest to find the answer to the question (Who Are The Real Carver Dragons)?

The Mighty Dragon would have said search deep within and the answer you’d surely find. So I did just that I drew from the thoughts and feelings of ode. Then I could see all the clouds left my mind and the dawning of a new day appeared.

From the Graduates of Carver High School we learned that love like beauty comes in many forms. You showed us what Pride, Love, Courage, Faith, school Loyalty and school Spirit. A Carver Dragon is a very rare breed. They are a strong people raised by strong Black Men and Black Women because we we’re born of strong ancestry.

This was the essence of Carver Pride we are here today to Celebrate & Honor all of the past Carver Graduates. We are walking in footsteps made deep by the past Carver Classes. A lot of our Carver graduates made confident strides in the free world. Men and Women who have grown up and parted the air before them like the forces of nature that you are.

We are here to speak the names of the Carver Dragons because of the way you made for us. Because of the prayers you prayed for us. We are the ones you conjured up, hoping we would have strength enough and discipline enough and nerve enough to step into the light of Faith and just smile awhile.

The light of a Carver Dragon never goes out but burns for eternity. A true Carver Dragon breathes life into our dreams of yester year. To start by naming all the past Carver Dragons and their achievements would take a very long time. However the names will be etched in our hearts and minds forever. We honor you Carver Dragons you are Legends that paved a road through prejudice, civil rights movement & you have contribute so much not only to Amarillo but the world.

It is because of you Mighty Dragons that we live. You could not have been in our humble homes when very little food was there but there was love in the North Heights area and when the Carver Dragons played there was a radio that the family could huddle around to listen to them.

We where there to watch the Carver Marching band parade down the brick roads of Polk Street. While a large part of black people watched and the little boys and girls lined along that street had dreams of becoming a Carver Dragon.

So why did Carver get closed? Time is what dictates agenda if you don’t know what time it is. You might be doing the right thing at the wrong time and get not the right results. Our Black Leaders back in the day made a covenant with the Amarillo city leaders, meeting in reference to segregation of schools.

While in Memphis Tennessee Dr. Martin Luther King made a statement to Harry Belafonte before his assassination Quoted “I fear I’m integrating my people into a burning house”.

A deceived people are what we are. Soon our Carver Reunions will slow down and stop. Unless we as a people start teaching and preaching to our youth to pass on the history of Carver High along with the memories and dreams.

The Late Senator Barbara Jordan said quote “ What the American people want is simple, they want an America as good as it’s promise”. Well, America is no good at all. If you have made a promise that you don’t keep. What are you? You are a Liar!

Did they promise the Native American? Yes? Did they write it on treaties? Yes. Did they fore fill it? N0.

Brown vs. the Board of Education 50 yrs later where is the promise? Is it fore filled, are some places still segregated. Yes.

The right to vote you got it but the minute they give it to you they were finding ways to take it away. “Can’t you open your eyes Black people and see that the house is burning”.

We are being misled by some of our so-called Black Leaders. I will tell you how to look for the wolves in sheep clothing. They are always getting their picture in the newspaper. The only black person who’s standing by white people of power and have political influence, but when a problem arises in our neighborhood they sit like a lame duck in those meetings.

When we make a covenant with a people that have lied to us deceived us and rubs us good on one side and kicked us in the behinds on the other. Black Amarillo leaders you are deceiving us as a people if you don’t have the nerve to say what needs to be said then “SIT DOWN “ and STOP trying to say that you’re speaking for our people and the hurt of the poor. That’s exactly why Carver High is closed “Lets Make A Deal” Okay Monty?

So I say to all us as a people, what we hold to be right,and good,and true Is right and good and true for all men & women.Carver is more than just bricks,mortar or the steel it was made on. The Real Carver Dragons are deep within us those sweet essences of Memories and Tradition to linger long in our Hearts and Minds FOREVER !!!!!!

© Copyright 2010 – Anthony Moore. All rights Reserved. No part of this commentary may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without written permission from the author.

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  1. avatar Joycelyn McQueen says:

    Mr. Moore You are so right. I might not have gone to Carver, but I did grow up in the area two blocks away to be exact. But I grew up in a neighborhood where these dreams where instilled into each and every one of us. We are a proud race and I question myself what has happened to the loyalty and Faith that we were raised with. In recent weeks I have been meet by those same people you mention “Posing for Pictures!” I have a dream to change the community and instead of being met at the table I was instead stabbed in the back. Supposedly one of our own telling me that “The Black’s are narrow minded and We can’t see the big picture for wanting to just care for a minut`amount of the community, We will never understand what helping one another means. But I was told a dream starts with one! If These Step-N-Fetcher’s we deal with continue to backbite and steal we will never become THE BETTER THAT WE ARE. I f you and other’s like you are ready for a change I have the plans. We can bring the Dragon’s Back!