No Football Coach At Palo Duro High School

No Football Coach At Palo Duro High School
by Anthony A. Moore

Hello Sports fans, today I’ve come to a conclusion about our own Palo Duro Dons Coaching Staff.

Needless to say they don’t Coach the game to win. Yes, That’s exactly what I said WIN !!! I realize that a few of you will be frothing at the mouth. Okay Great, that’s what you need to do. I am sick and tired of 2-8, 3-7 and 4-6 records. That’s not exactly Palo Duro tradition is it?

Now Coach Parr was placed on a high pedestal when he first came. I looked at the Coach Parr’s past record at Plainview and was quite impressed. However now I am surprised no one does like they do in Odessa for the lackluster Permian Coaches place a For Sale signs in his front yard.

I know people are going to say T-Mo this is another era it’s not the 70’s. I will agree with that, however we had good Coaches back then Doug James, Bert Gravitt, Coach Ed Smith and more.

The team has not been really good since QB Don Shanklin Jr. was there at the helm. Coach Parr already knows you must play to win the game. Yes I will give him credit for sending guys to good colleges that allowed them opportunity to go the NFL.

Football is a game of power, speed, athleticism, grace, knowledge, heart, determination, weakness, winning at home, winning on the road and you get the chance to line-up each week to prove that you are worth something, your side of town has Family PRIDE.

Coach Doug Clapp (Peoria High School) my Ex-mentor when I Coached high school football and coached along side him on two separate State Championships teams told our team on an important game “Go out there and break their WILL” that means bring it to a point where they don’t want to play anymore. When they get tired of lining up and start packing it in “ That means take their Manhood from them. That’s Palo Duro Football the name alone in Spanish means “HARD WOOD”.

I drove through the Hamlet areas during July 4th 2010 and saw tremendous talented youth. I also observed some parents not displaying parental leadership and guidance. Drinking outside cursing around minors 9,10 and 11 yrs of age. What type of people have we evolved into our on Nightmare birthing and raising losers.

Hey, this is where it starts because if you don’t support the school and coaching staff your children see this. Like a fungus it goes untreated and gets worse.

Listen Coach Parr can only “Coach” it is up to us (FUBU read that tag somewhere) From Us By Us that we as parents have to do our parts.

Stop allowing your child to come at 01:00am and 2:00 am when you know it’s a school night or the weekends. Be a real parent and stop your drug and alcohol addiction. I saw one father getting high with his son and other teens in there front yard (parents do you question who your children’s friends parents are? Do you know them and what teachings they send your child back home with or addiction)? Do you care at all about anything? I realize it’s not everyone but it’s a large majority of parents.

Coach Parr knows what type of neighborhoods the youth , that he coaches come from. I bet he (Parr) has never drove through the neighborhoods are done home visits to speak with these parents about there child achieving a common goal “JUST GRADUATE”.

Everyone knows that the fourth quarter of a Football game is the fan base. You need those fans Coach Parr this isn’t Plainview where you see everyone at the grocery store and yell Howdy!!! You have an excellent young ex- QB and Coach Eric Mims there to also help your fan base. He comes from a great family and they are well known in the area.

How many home visits have you made with Coach Mims during 2009? So please don’t feel we sports fans want to hear excuses Coach Parr because you have only one excuse I know about Not Winning enough while at Palo Duro.

So if you tell me it doesn’t matter then retire and get out. Just thinking about those words makes me shiver. I know it can change Coach Parr if they want to be winners. You have players that think it’s about them and not the team. I saw one game where the guys on the sideline where waving at their girl friends in the stands. You will be going to 2 practices a per day soon

Coach Parr I have three words for YOU AND THE 2010 TEAM.



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