Venus Williams, showing her a—again

Venus Williams, showing her a—again
by L. Arthalia Cravin

What exactly is Venus’ problem with her tennis outfits? Why is some type of conformity to regular “tennis whites” so hard for this woman? I’m sure by now you’ve seen the brown bejeweled underwear that Venus had on under the red bejeweled tennis outfit that she wore at the U. S. Open. Sure, she won, but what a disgusting distraction. Her outfit became the object of jokes about the “tug count.” Someone actually counted the number of times Venus pulled down her too-tight dress to the number of times her opponent adjusted her outfit–the count, 42 for Venus, 4 for her opponent.

I refused to watch Venus anymore. She is a complete embarrassment to womanhood. As my older females relatives used to say, “That girl didn’t have “bitmo” reason to wear that outfit than a goose. She has plum run out.” What she has “run out of” is all sense of boundaries. Even during a tennis match, tennis balls must stay within certain boundaries. You just can’t hit the ball anywhere without someone crying “foul.” You would think that Venus of all people would have some appreciation of “foul” things. What must her parents be thinking as they sit in the stands watching this spectacle of a tennis player? I wonder about her dad. I wonder if he feels fatherly shamed at seeing his own daughter’s nakedness. Does Venus have a boyfriend or significant other? If so what must he be thinking? He needs to pull her off to the side and tell her to “stop showing her a—to the whole world” and get some self respect.

Or, maybe Venus is just a tennis court example of how most things have no boundaries anymore. As they used to say, “Just let it all hang out” or “Express yourself.” Well, I for one have seen enough to Venus’s butt and crotch. She needs to tone it down and find some plain old tennis whites to wear and stop making a fashion fool of herself.

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