The Palo Duro High Football Ground Pounders Only

by Anthony A. Moore

The Midland Lee Rebels pounced on the Palo Duro Dons Friday 9/10/2010 at Grande Communications Stadium 38-17. This drops Palo Duro standings to 3-0 standing. What seems to be strength of the Dons is the running attack. Palo Duro out rushed the Rebels 220 yards to 203 yards.

The biggest factor actually boiled down to the air attack from Midland Lee Blake Horton who passed for 74 yds. The Dons Michael Patterson threw 0-5-0 yds while Midland Blake Horton threw 5-8-0 74yds. The highlight of the game was Denzel Everhart rushing for 14 carries for 74yds along with fellow teammate Devin Kates 10 carries for 63 yds and Michael Patterson 11 carries for 52yds.

The Rebels remain 3-0 standing after Friday night’s game. The Palo Duro Dons have another headache coming Travis Crosby of the Canyon Eagles threw for 200 yds against a tough Goddard High School Roswell New Mexico who defeated the Eagles 40-14.

I have news for Coach Parr “Defense Wins Football Games and Offense Sales Tickets”. This should be nothing new to Coach Parr. The Dons schedule doesn’t get any easier sports fans Plainview, Dumas, Randall, Frenship, Hereford and Caprock. I guess we have to start playing teams like Friona, Chillicothe and Quanah Texas. Just to get us to Win a game.

I personally gave Palo Duro little chance to succeed. The earlier lost in the schedule puts us under the 500 range.. Too late a kickoff. Too hot. Too far. Too young. Too thin. Too bad we accepted the game with no chance for a new Coach and staff to have a walk through. We got beat for a lot of reasons. Not the least of which was we got out coached and out played by better players. No passing attack at all.

What I did not foresee was Denzel Everhart Devin Kates having the great rushing gains all credit goes to the Palo Duro offensive linemen who made great blocks. If we want to show up for a game this year we better PASS the ball around. Also find some split ends and tight ends that can catch.

Coach Parr must realize he’s not Dorothy and this ain’t Kansas. The teams we’re up against are throwing everything at us including the kitchen sink So in essence wake-up Parr and bring back the days when teams shook in nervous fear just hearing our name Palo Duro the teams knew we were bringing “Hard Wood”.

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