Moore Perspective: Today I became a racist.

from Megan Moore’s Blog – Moore Perspective
posted Tuesday, September 21, 2010

NOTE: Megan Moore is the Executive Producer and Anchor for News Channel 10

Well, not today, but last week. And it’s not the type of racist you’re thinking. I’ve become a racist against drug/alcohol users and abusers. I think there are enough people doing this to constitute a race by now. So there you have it. I’m a racist.

Last Friday, there was a shooting at a crack house the one neighbor trying to do good in his community told me that, so I had to go to the most disgusting neighborhood I’ve been in a long time and report on it. I’ll be honest, when I learned it was a crack house, I decided I didn’t care if the person who was shot lives or dies. If he died, and the cops caught the guy who did it, that’s killing two birds with one stone.

I probably sound harsh to some of you, and if that’s the case I urge you to drive through not alone the worst neighborhood in your town and observe. This is what I observed on Friday: adults walking up and down the street in not much more than their underwear; other adults gathered at one house talking about who got shot, but offering no information to police; all of them staring down me and my camera guy, undoubtedly wishing their neighborhood wasn’t crawling with cops so they could do the same to us that they did to the guy who got shot…just because we were there.

The most appalling thing I noticed was these people have no interest in making their lives better. They love living on welfare and drug money. They can do what they want all day long and get paid for it. I saw a Mercedes, Corvette, and at least three Cadillacs in that ghetto. Pay attention people: the chunk of money pulled out of your paycheck goes right to people like them.

They don’t give a rat’s a if someone in their neighborhood gets shot to be fair, neither do I.  They don’t care if their kids go to school, because if their kids go to school, they might learn there are more opportunities than growing up an addict and/or a prostitute. These lowlifes want to keep that secret from their kids, especially since they probably have no more than a 5th grad education themselves. These people are the scum of the earth, and they are ok with it.

They are the product of drug use. I don’t care what you say, any drug is a bad one. They are only living for their next fix, not for their children or for making a better life. And don’t say they have no choice: they had their choice the first time it was offered. I’ve never touched a drug in my life, because I never wanted to.

The only living thing I felt sorry for in that awful neighborhood was a precious little puppy who came over to me, tail wagging, to get some affection. It took everything in me not to scoop her up and take her out of the horrible conditions that are her life. But I knew if I did that, the crack heads would know it was I who did it. And I, too, would end up riddled with bullet holes on the front porch of a crack house.

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  1. avatar Gail says:

    PS I will pray for Megan tonight. Here is my prayer, please Dear God let Megan realize that all folks have trials and tribulations they must overcome. Please help Megan to understand many folks are put in situations they are trying to overcome. Please help Megan to realize you can not judge a book by its cover. Please help Megan to be mindful of others and their feelings. Please help Megan to get through this trying time as she is yet a child and needs your help!!!


  2. avatar Gail says:

    It is so sad to me how this has turned into an argument about race. If we remain calm and take a deep breath, most can agree Megan’s comments were hurtful. The comment she said about not caring if a young boy lived or died is just too sad for words. I am completely offended, and I am white if that matters. I believe her Grandfather is probably a very nice man, however as they say the fruit never falls far from the tree. Please grow up and take responsibility for the ugly statements she made. Dear Grandfather, Jesus told you judge not lest you be judged. This is exactly what has happened to your Granddaughter. As a Christian she owes this community an apology for the HURT she has caused. And yes she does have her right to her opinion, but I hope in the future she might consider others. The Bible also tells us do unto others and you would have them do to you. I am sure you see how hurtful this has been to you, it is especially hurtful to family and friends of the young boy who was shot. I do not know his circumstances however he is a child of God and it is wrong for Megan to not care for his life.

  3. avatar Anndria says:

    I don’t agree with everything she said, but I do with a lot of it. I think she has a right to her opinion. She expressed her opinion in her blog, just like most people do. If you don’t like what she said, then don’t read her blog. It’s that simple. And no, I don’t think she should lose her job over it. If she would have said this on air, then yes, but she didnt. Was it unprofessional of her? Yes. Absolutely. But, at least she has the guts to express herself. Right or wrong, its her opinion, not the opinion of News Channel 10.

  4. avatar Tami Savage says:


    You are the one closed minded trying to convince us whatever color we are who make up the north heights community that meagan meant us No harm…..

    No I’m not pretending to be someone other than me! I am the real Tami Savage don’t believe me do the research or just ask somebody! I used my real name/my complete name minus middle initial so let me fix that I am Tami S Savage. I am a 35+ yr resident of the amarillo north heights community!

    You have no clue what I have done and continue to do for the children of this community but they do and really that’s all that matters to me….Many childen in this community have gone to college and more are college bound! My own child just graduated in may from UNT with honors and she didn’t get a free ride minus scholarships we have thousands of dollars in school loans to pay back! NO welfare recipent here maam BUT EVERYONE ON WELFARE DOES NOT CHOOSE TO BE OR IS LOOKING FOR HANDOUT! Have you Seen the unemoployemnt statistics?

    I am not the cousin of Mr. Savage who made the tea party remark that was Keisha and she was not referring to the political party she was being sarcastic referring to meagan and her snooty friends.

    I don’t have a chip on my shoulders! Yes my family has had their share of drug users me included but we (most) have pulled ourselves up and are productive members of society—-not low lifes or scum of the earth! I came from a good home with both parents; a father who worked his fingers to the bone so my brother and I wouldn’t have to, but we made bad choices (not excuse) but for those bad choices….meagan feels we don’t deserve to live, well I guess that would be one way to stop the war on drugs kill all the addicts!

    I too do my part, I work two jobs! I have Good Credit! I own a home so I not only pay federal taxes but I pay local taxes also! My contribution to society is just as important to me as yours is to you! Our family pet Ms GiGi’ is most pampered, eats very well and has her own wardrobe including accessories!

    And no I don’t have absolute proof that the people meagan saw that day were black but neighborhood is 90+ % black! What are the odds that she encountered more than 1% of the other 10? She generalized a community based on her short/incomplete observation of but a few. A few blocks does not this community make! And what she said had nothing to do with bringing awareness to the drug problems that face not just north heighs but the city of amarillo it was just the rantings of a self proclaimed “Racist”!!!!

    I wish you the best too Ms Jane and I’m not mad at you for having ur girl’s back but your girl was wrong! My message has nothing to do with hate but of intolerance! And just like you got you got ur girl’s back… closed mind is never going to stop defending mine…..Sorry but No convert here!

    There were 40 presidents before him who left him a hot mess! He is only trying to clean it up!!! OBAMA OBAMA OBAMA

  5. avatar Jane says:

    Tami, who are you referring to when you say “us”? Black people? Green people? WHO? If you can prove that there are only black people living in this particular area Ms. Moore wrote about then please do so, otherwise what you are saying is just ignorant. White people, pink people, orange people and yes, even black people can all grow up in the slums. I agree with “Texas” who posted above. Growing up poor or in a bad area of town does not give you the right to smoke crack or waste your money on booze. There are people every day who overcome life’s obstacles and change their future. A person’s skin color has nothing to do with opportunity. It sounds like you have a chip on your shoulder about something, whether it’s the white girl who made fun of you when you were a little girl or that someone in your family suffered from drug addiction, I don’t personally know or care. Stop make excuses for those who have taken that road and instead try encouraging the children of your neighborhood to do something with their lives. I did not grow up rich at all and guess what…my father was an alcoholic. Do you think I make excuses for him? No. He is a big boy and he can be held accountable for his actions. Of course we love those in our life who have chosen the wrong path, but does that mean we condone their actions?

    And NO…I am not Megan Moore. Yes, I am a journalist. Yes, I do personally know Ms. Moore from college. Megan did not insult you so stop acting like she did. It’s obvious you are so close minded that my words aren’t even necessary when it comes to you in particular. Are you sure you aren’t the reporter or maybe even the other producer who threw Megan under the bus? I find it funny that you care so much about ruining a person’s life that you DO NOT even know. Rude, crude and socially unacceptable.

    I would also like to say that your statement regarding the tea party is totally ridiculous. Why are they racist? Is it because they believe the government shouldn’t bail out the people who live on food stamps? I am pretty sure every race is represented in that department. I am not a member of the tea party because frankly I would never associate myself with one specific political group. How can you say you never agree with another party’s political agenda? I do however 100% agree with the tea party’s message when it comes to giving those who choose to live off taxpayers’ money… We are already in tremendous debt so let’s not spoon feed those who expect a free pay check from the government. BLACK, WHITE, BROWN… if you are filling our street’s with violence, living on welfare just because you’re lazy or if you let your children hangout with druggies – you are not a functioning member of society and you aren’t contributing to the overall good of the human race. You are toxic.

    In 2010, President Obama’s welfare spending will reach $888 billion dollars. By 2014, annual spending on welfare will total $1 trillon bucks! The price tag for the war on welfare is more than double than what we’ve spent on all war combined ever in this country…every war we’ve ever been involved in TOTAL. So does that mean I think war is better than drugs? Nope. They are both evil. However, I support those men and women who risk their lives fighting to protect the United States of America every day. Would you do that? How do you think we became the land of the free? The answer is our ambition and drive to change the world.

    So I will keep doing my part to contribute to society and go to work every day, pay my bills, give my dog water…and even wish you the best Ms. Savage. Good luck with your message of hate.

  6. avatar Texas says:

    Ok I am sorry I dont know what is wrong with all of you. Speaking a Black woman who grew up in Amarillo I must say she has a point. Alot of people who live in that neighborhood have a ghetto mentality. You do not have to be a product of your environment. So what you are on welfare or work minimum wage jobs that does not mean I am going to pity you and it certainly is no excuse to abuse drugs or alcohol. Now dont get me wrong there are many people who live in low income neighborhoods who teach their kids the importance of education and not accepting the status quo, I respect them. And many of you who have posted make compelling points but dont be so quick to jump down this women’s throat when alot of what she says makes sense.

  7. avatar Tami Savage says:

    Jane or you sure your not Ms Moore trying to insult us once again?? If Meagan was really trying to bring some awareness to the less than desirable elements of this neighborhood she Would have been more affective doing so in her position as executive producer of channel 10. She Would have done a REAL NEWS STORY and not vented such hatred on her personal blog.


    If she had simply said what you said she was trying to say “about the state of america” then she would surely still have a job, BUT SHE DIDN’T SHE SAID WHAT SHE SAID AND SHE SAID IT ABOUT MY COMMUNITY! THAT’S WHY SHE HAS NO JOB!!

    Had she really meant to shed a light as you say she would have drove around the entire neighborhood….done the research and found that THERE ARE SOME VERY CONCERNED AND DO THEIR PART CITIZENS WHO LIVE OVER HERE TOO!

    There are good and bad elements in most neighborhoods especially those that are of a lesser priority to the city than others! Houses that should be knocked down are allowed to stand for years as havens for drug users/hazzards to neighbors, dope houses allowed to stay open????hmmmm…I think the APD knows where the dope houses are over here! They manage to hurry and bust the meth labs southside! We are citizens! We are not law enforcement! We do what we can do by reaching out to the drug users to decrease the demand so John Doe dealer will move on to next neighborhood and he will because this problem is way bigger than (us/any small neighborhood)…..until addiction is addressed/treated as a disease there will always be a John Doe Dealer in somebody’s neighborhood and we will forever be fighting the “War On Drugs”!

    No, Jane you won’t be getting any support from me or any of my family in clearing Ms Moore’s name because she put it out there! All that good stuff she you say she meant WELL THAT’S WHAT SHE SHOULDA SAID!!!


  8. avatar Jane says:

    A’mon -

    Ms. Moore didn’t post this on any work related website or blog. In fact, she wrote this on her personal blog forum and it was hyperlinked by someone who obviously doesn’t understand the legal consequences. Why would Megan post a blog on News flash, she wouldn’t and you wouldn’t post a personal blog on a controversial website. Don’t you see that if this was read entirely alone on her website it would not have near the punch it has had on this one. The person who posted this must have known that anything with the phrase “today I became a racist” would not sit so well on a predominantly black website. In paints her in a flase light and twists her words. Megan said quote: “Well, not today, but last week. And it’s not the type of racist you’re thinking. I’ve become a racist against drug/alcohol users and abusers. ”

    Come on people! Read the words! Stop making it into something that it’s not. You have trashed her reputation and I think it’s up to us to help her repair the damage done. Think about your comments and what you have posted about Ms. Moore and how it cost her a career because KFDA didn’t want to upset their black viewers. If you think Megan is bad then try a dose of reality. There are some very crooked journalists in this world. At least Megan speaks her mind and reports the facts. No, I’m not Megan but I did go to college with her and I am too a journalist. This is ridiculous and so blown out of control. WHo cares what color your skin is? WHO CARES! Seriously, we are all human and we are all God’s children. What would Jesus do? Do you remember those silly bracelets people you to sport? Well maybe they weren’t so silly afterall. If you had that to look at every day I can guarantee you wouldn’t be saying these damaging words. If so then you need to take a deep look in the mirror, underneath your skin color and into your soul. Were some of her words harsh? Yes. I can even admit that, but I will not say she is a racist or deserved to lose her job over this. People make mistakes and after a bad day at work where you have to see some of the worst conditions a reporter just might need to vent, just like Megan did on her personal blog. It’s hard to look poverty in the face and be okay with it. I’ve done it and most reporters have at one point or the other. It’s even harder when you see parents using drugs and their babies walking hungry down a dark road. I’m not okay with that, are you? If we ignore the problem it won’t go away. At least Megan is speaking with some passion about a crisis that gets swept under the rug every day. We need to shed some light on this and help however we can. Megan has a voice and her voice was heard. Now it’s just up to you to realize that she was never talking about skin color or a certain race. She was saying she is racist against what goes on in America that’s pushed to the side and shut in the closet. Poverty. Welfare. Overwhelming government debt. Drug abuse. Murder. Starving children. Chained dogs without water. We all know it exists and I thank Megan for bringing so much attention to this battle. BUT you have to wake up and realize it’s not about skin color. It never has been and never will. You are only fooling yourself into thinking that is the end all of all the problems. However, if you want something to change then you must take action. I move to have Ms. Moore’s named cleared of this libelous gossip that honestly is misrepresented and misstated. If you can take that in and come to terms with the real problem then please post to end this war. We are all human. God created all equally. We can’t change the past, but we can change the future. Please. Read Megan’s post over and over until you begin to hear the real message.

  9. avatar Don says:

    A’mon, I have only been to Amarillo once or twice. I didn’t see a “white” Amarillo or a

    Without a doubt if someone were to create a website called “White Amarillo” there would be all kind of name-calling…”racists”, “crackers”, etc…

    I found this quote interesting: ” We are not racist because we support our Own Kind that’s just human nature! Why else would all you good white people be on this “you call” racist website defending Meagan Moore to the people she hurt?”

    Again, if a white person were to say something about “supporting our own kind” that would be construed as racist…and rightfully so.

    There is only one race…the human race.

  10. avatar FazlE says:

    \We are not racist because we support our Own Kind that’s just human nature! Why else would all you good white people be on this “you call” racist website defending Meagan Moore to the people she hurt?\

    So i assume that you feel affirmative action is utterly worthless and people should now be able to take race into account when hiring people or accepting them into college. Because according to you, black people are black people’s \own kind\ and therefore you are going to support them rather than support the community as a whole. Therefore every other race should be able to do the same. Somehow I think you feel that this isn’t true and that white people shouldn’t be able to favor other white people, etc.

  11. avatar FazlE says:

    @ Bobby sparks

    I find it ironic that you are calling her a cracker, but mad at here for calling out drug users who you all have assumed to be black, showing that you have assumptions about the majority of drug users in the city of Amarillo. She made no mention of race, but you all assume she is talking about blacks, had she said the word \Nigger\ in her article, the opposite of the word that you used in your rebuttal, you all would be calling for her head. You should take a step back and look at your own racist views, hypocrite.

  12. avatar A'mon says:

    My bad, I see that she was fired. There is a God!
    @ Don, there is a “white” Amarillo. Open your eyes

  13. avatar A'mon says:

    Being a reporter, she should have kept her “opinion” off of the employers blog. Amarillo residents you have to stop accepting some things. Community Leaders and residents, should have held a “peaceful”rally to run her “racist” a from the tv station. There’s just some things that shouldn’t be tolerated. BOYCOTT CHANNEL 10 BOYCOTT CHANNEL 10 BOYCOTT CHANNEL 10 BOYCOTT CHANNEL 10 BOYCOTT CHANNEL 10 BOYCOTT CHANNEL 10 BOYCOT BOYCOTT CHANNEL 10 CHANNEL 10 BOYCOTT CHANNEL 10 BOYCOTT CHANNEL 10

  14. avatar Tami Savage says:

    OK Jane aint’ you the pot calling the kettle Black…….She slandered an entire Neighborhood of people me included!

    If you were her>>>>> you’d be unemployed too!!!!

    Bye Jane…I have no more time for Ms Moore or her fan club!!!!

  15. avatar Don says:

    I find it highly ironic that this young lady is being called a “racist” on a website called “BlackAmarillo”…is there actually a “Black” Amarillo? I thought Amarillo was one city, not a separate entity. Is there a white Amarillo? Hispanic Amarillo? Asian Amarilllo?

    Megan was fired so you can celebrate, but in certain neighborhoods crack will still be sold and used, prostitutes will still turn tricks, and unemployment will still run rampant.

    So a young lady tries to bring attention to a place that needs some attention, but instead of doing anything about it, yall bitch about that reporter and not on the conditions she reported on….nice job.

  16. avatar Jane says:

    Tami just like I told Neil on the other posting, look up defamation of character and eat your words. You have no clue what color my skin is and as humans we are all one race. What did the white people do to you? Or more importantly if you could name a specific ethnic background when referring to white that would be good. I too am a journalist who lives no where near Amarillo and I know you are slandering this poor young lady’s name. If I were her I’d sue the website creator and personally seek out all of you who are in fact racist. Show me where the disclaimer on this site.

  17. avatar Tami Savage says:

    How dense are you All–really? How many times has it been Said that 90+% OF THE NEIGHBORHOOD IS BLACK, the people she saw talking about shooting were black, the one neighbor who cared was black—— SO WHO???? ELSE COULD SHE HAVE BEEN TALKING ABOUT?

    Stop pretending to be so naive regarding her comment “Today I Became a Racist but not the kind you think”…THERE IS ONLY ONE KIND hence the word RACIST!

    And Ms Jane I am a recovering addict 14rs so for her to say addicts don’t want any better, don’t love their kids or that they are just scum REALLY PISSES ME OFF! OK!!!!!!

    The young man who she could care less if lived/died is my cousin….so should his mom give up on him since Ms Moore says he is just scum of the earth and doesnt want to do anything different anyway????

    You want to beat up on the residents of North Heights for daring to say anything in response to Ms Moore’s harsh and judgemental comments, mad at creator of website for promoting pride in the community he grew up, mad at person who leaked blog to this site and mad at person who posted it but we wouldn’t be having any dialog if Ms Moore hadn’t gotten tipsy and decided to blog about people she didn’t know yet considered to be scum of the earth! Who does that??

    Answer me this Ms Jane: Are my Hispanic/Latino brothers and sisters racist too because they publish newspapers/magazines for their neighborhoods, have telemundo radio/tv and oh yes they have their own stores, restaurants, and language, and what about the Asians who have/do the same……HUGH?? WHAT??

    We are not racist because we support our Own Kind that’s just human nature! Why else would all you good white people be on this “you call” racist website defending Meagan Moore to the people she hurt?

  18. avatar Bobby Sparks says:

    Alicia, clearly you ARE Megan Moore. Who do you think you are fooling? You can’t even defend yourself with your real identity. And it’s for the same reason you make FAILED attempts at “journalism.” Not, because your grammar and punctuation flat out suck, and illustrate a clear misunderstanding of the English language, but rather because you are a coward. I will buy your plane ticket to come to Cincinnati, Ohio if you think you have the intestinal fortitude to make a story of our Over-The-Rhine neighborhood (one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in America). No market would ever pick up your crazy, racist cracker agenda. Keep your small town stupidity down on the dust farm, you ignorant, cowardly child. And buy a Mac with MS Office; they put grammar check on those things now. I hope they sack your dumb face. Thhhppppbbbbbtttt.

  19. avatar Jane says:

    I’m disgusted at the people on here that think they are standing up against racism when in fact you are participating in reverse racism. Let me quote the first lady on this blog, Nia – “…I’m not mad at her, I feel sorry for her, but what do you expect from a white woman with no real life experience…..Someone should give her some life education cause book sense will only take you so far.”

    Wow. You should be disgusted with yourself. Did you really just put that in writing? “what do you expect from a white woman?” Racist, that’s exactly what you are Nia. You better pray the people you work with or your friends that are not black do NOT ever read what you wrote.

    And to Tami Savage…don’t you realize Megan is talking about a different kind of racism? She states it plain and clear. It has NOTHING to do with a person’s skin color.

    Finally, please don’t ever accuse a person of being racist when you are a member or guest columnist on a website titled

  20. avatar Fazle says:

    I am glad you take pride in your community, but you are segregating your pride based on race. You are defining yourself as a black person by promoting a website as this. You are differentiating yourself from other races as a black person b posting on this site. So when someone else segregates you based on a black person, you lose the right to get angry about it. If you do something that I personally consider detrimental to equality by segregating yourself, don’t get angry when others do it as well.

  21. avatar shannon says:

    At lest someone is telling the truth, the only reason you people are getting mad is because she outed you all.

  22. avatar Anonymous says:

    I think she hit the nail right on the head. You go girl!

  23. avatar Tami Savage says:

    This website’s design points out the POSITIVE aspects of our community that do not and would not get highlighted in AGN or any other Amarillo publication or media outlet.

    There are major cities across the country that have black newspapers so a black website that promotes positive awareness of it’s black residents is not racist! Our community isn’t going to see themselves in print anywhere else (color too!) on a regular basis. The Magazine that is offered along with the Pictures Only Booklet may be some child’s only acknowledgement of something special they did. All community functions are covered including whatever non minories who maybe attending the function!

    What it’s not ok for us to have something that is ours that boosts self esteem, rewards accomplishments and inspires community pride without it being called racist? It doesnt say I believe it was a caucasian who coined the phrase..”blacks only”

    Ms Moore of her own words from her own mouth declared herself a racist and she didn’t have to say they were black she was standing in the middle of a block in a neighborhood where 96% of the residents are black (even 5th graders) could figure that one out…No need to play a card… A spade is a spade sir all day long!!!

  24. avatar Will Smith says:

    The only racism to be found in this story is right here in the comments section. “Utterly ridiculous” is the only thing i can come up with when trying to put words to the group of people on this witch hunt. Instead of pointing fingers at people that find this behavior disgusting and reprehensible, how about looking in the mirror and asking yourselves how you can help?

    NAH…that’s too hard. Let’s just play the race card.

  25. avatar Fazl says:

    I find it humerous that a large number of the comments paint her as a racist, when she made absolutely no mention of race. If you stereotype people so strongly that you assume she is speaking of a specific race, then that is a problem with your own world views, not hers. Furthermore, you are all posting on a website that is by name, racist against all non-blacks. If this same website existed in opposite as “” and only posted stories about the caucasions of Amarillo, it would be blasphemous and ridiculed as racist. So I feel everyone needs to take a look at their own views before criticizing against others.

  26. avatar Wilma says:

    Unfortunately Megan had a mental break down, and allowed satan to use her, and when he was done using her he put her on front street that’s how it always works!

    She expressed what many feel daily, it is in every community and every city, it’s in the fabric of our lives, and it’s been around since the beginning of the world.

    (HATE) to dislike intensely or passionately; feel extreme aversion for or extreme hostility toward; detest: to hate the enemy; to hate bigotry. to hate people.

    Most people who hate are not born that way, they are taught to hate! They are taught by others who let satan used them. The enemy only has the power you give him.

    ALL honor, all power, all glory goes to God! He is love and wants us to Love one another, through all our mess. When we are able to do that, then and only then, will this place heal. Remember, this is not our battle, it’s the lords, he and only he can fight and win this war. With all that said;

    Ephesians 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

    Ephesians 6:13 Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

    Ephesians 6:14 Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness;

    Ephesians 6:15 And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace;

    Ephesians 6:16 Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked.

    Ephesians 6:17 And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God: God Bless you all, love you all.
    Megan Moore too!

  27. avatar Beverly says:

    I would like to say I am WHITE and I live in North Amarillo by what she called “The Getto”I know alot of very good people in this area some that would help you at anytime..I have two children that attended AC..I drive a nice car and I worked for everything that I have.This goes to show you how ignorant people are today. Ms.Moore chose to write a blog on a community that she knows little to nothing about. She said that she is racist against drug/alcohol abusers and users. But her blog said so much more than that.Through her words, it has become obvious that she lied about herself in this blog. She is not racist against crackheads, or drug users. It seems obvious to me that she is really racist against the poor, lower or no-income families.After reading Megan Moore’s blog, I was filled with fury and complete disbelief that someone so “educated” could be as ignorant and judgmental as Ms. Moore portrayed herself to be in her blog. She is a racist, by her own account, although she tried to mask her inner racist views by attempting to add a disclaimer to her racist remarks.In another excerpt from Ms. Moore’s blog, she states that she is a native of Houston, misses her family, and hopes to be closer to them soon. Amarillo, please do her a favor and advocate for her termination from KFDA so that you can fulfill her only wish since she is clearly selective in the individuals that she deems worthy of her compassion..

  28. avatar Nic says:

    I commend KFDA for letting go of Meagan Moore. She is obviously ignorant and I feel for the poor people that had to work around her. I’ve been in thier shoes. Ding Dong the Witch is Dead! Now lets move on!

  29. avatar MICHA says:

    HEY JOE,




  30. avatar Mark Benton says:

    Yes Gary. She was fired today.
    KFDA will release a statement tomorrow.

  31. avatar Gary says:

    I am glad to say that according to KFDA Meagan Moore no longer works there. I do feel for the good of this wonderful community it would be appropriate for a public statement from KFDA to be made concerning this issue.

  32. avatar Gary says:

    It is my understanding that according to KFDA this afternoon, Megan Moore no longer is employed with them. I hope that Megan will offer her apologies and see the lack of respect for mankind she showed in her comments last week.

  33. avatar Joe says:

    If you want to affect Newschannel 10, boycott the businesses that spend money on commercials. Being a business, they will only act when this has cost them money.

  34. avatar Kurosai says:

    I grew up in Northern Amarillo. It has been 10 years since. I lived in a house that was three doors down from a meth lab. It was busted by the cops on a regular basis and the lab blew up 3 times when I lived there. My house was broken into no less than four times. We had children begging us for food but couldn’t understand us because they thought we were speaking spanish when I replied in proper English. But their parents certainly spared no expense in buying expensive rims for their “ride.” My mother was a single immigrant on welfare raising 3 children. I am happy to say that everyone in my family has long since moved beyond the need for government aid to feed ourselves. My sister had to learn how to defend herself against “gangs” barehanded because she was considered “stuck up.” She just didn’t want to have to do anything with them. A man was stabbed nearly to death on my front porch. We were the 3rd house he tried asking for help as he was chased. Luckily my dad came out with his rifle. It took 2 months for the bloody hand smears to wear off our front door. In school, I was offered Honda logos stolen off of cars as payment for drawings people liked.

    Northern Amarillo certainly isn’t all bad. There are good people who are working towards a better life. Then there are the lowlifes who make things difficult and even unbearable for everyone all around. It is important to remember the saying about bad apples and barrels. If someone points out that you have a stain on your shirt, it is rather childish to jump to the conclusion that you are being accused of being a dirty person. How about you just wash your shirt?

    I’ve educated myself and I’ve left Amarillo.

    After reading this blog, one has to admit she may not have first hand experience. One has to wonder when a person who isn’t apart of this particular community sees it as such, it is naive to think that they are alone in this opinion. Perhaps instead of complaining about one person who voiced something we all know to be true to be an extent, how about doing the adult thing and doing something about the real problem? I am saddened that the place I grew up in has declined further in respectability than when I lived there. I certainly don’t like that the north is seen as a bunch of degenerates who want to enjoy some aspect of luxury but feel they are entitled to a handout.

    Another story comes to mind. One that was told to me when I was enrolled at Forest Hill elementary. Its the one about the the mother hen and her chick who wanted to bake bread and noone wanted to help in the creation process, but wanted to partake in the end product.

    Anybody can complain, only someone who genuinely wants things to get better will offer a solution. If someone wants a story to be done about the drug problem in southern Amarillo, why wait for someone else to do it? Get off your comfy couch and get to work.

    The best medicine is often the most bitter.

    Also, pride, I feel, is something that should be felt for an accomplishment. Not for merely existing in a particular location.

  35. avatar BMAN says:

    Boycott News Channel 10!

  36. avatar Dorothy says:

    This goes to show you how ignorant people are today. Ms.Moore chose to write a blog on a community that she knows little to nothing about. She said that she is racist against drug/alcohol abusers and users. But her blog said so much more than that. Instead of trying to help us close the hole thats in our community Ms.Moore chose to dig the hole deeper by her ignorance. You would think that at her age she would know what to say and what not to say when it comes to the eye of the public. Somethings are better left unsaid! Just because someone is on drugs or an alcoholic doesn’t make them less of a person. They are human just like you and I are. And to wish someone dead is selfish and ignorant! That is someone’s father, husband, brother, son, and friend. It is about to be year 2011 and we still have people like Ms.Moore that lets their ignorance and immaturity get the best of them. The people in our community on the northside most of them are very educated people and chose to stay in their community to raise their families. Ignorance is bliss Ms.Moore incase you didn’t know that. Has it ever crossed your mind that those people that are on drugs turned to drugs for a reason? Not everyone can handle death, job loss, abuse, or neglect. Some people cope with their problems by turning to drugs and alcohol. That’s why we as a community try to help those that are drug users and alcoholics. But when we have people looking down on them and judging them because of what they are doing or look like it makes it harder for our community to reach out to those in need. To Ms.Moore and her co-conspirators you say dont judge her without knowing her…..but yet she Ms.Moore judge NORTHSIDE oh I mean “GHETTO”!!! Without even getting to know any of the people on the Northside. So how fair is this? Ms.Moore what city or community do you know that doesn’t have drug/alcohol abusers or users? May God bless you Ms.Moore and your ignorance!

  37. avatar Phx Photog says:

    I’m a Photojournalist and have seen some pretty horrible situations. I understand how jaded it can make you. I don’t agree with anything Megan is saying but it’s her right to say it. I commend her for being honest but I do hope she can turn that disgust into empathy and try to understand that life is not black and white, rich or poor its more about all the colors in between where most of us live. In some of those neighborhoods there are people who are complacent but there are also good hardworking people who want the best for there family. Those are the people a reporter should look to for prospective not the ones who are stuck in the endless circle of destruction of themselves and everyone around them.

  38. avatar Tami Savage says:

    Re: Becky

    Before you try to put someone on blast look up the definition of patron!

    We may not be enough in numbers to make a difference but we have the right To React in whatever manner we as a community see fit and if it means calling for her to be gone then so be it!

    I wonder how quick you would be to say Move On if she were calling out the blone haired and blued eyed lil darling drug addicts and pushers at AHS!!!

  39. avatar Dhamlin says:

    The bottom line is that NO BODY appreciates or responds positively to such venomous words. Megan Moore is employed as a journalist in which her words define her. In this case she has defined HERSELF as an immature callous person. When one CHOOSES her profession they are entitled to an opinion, however, it will come at a cost. She has CHOSEN to be in the public spotlight and that in itself demands personal responsibility in freedom of speech. No sane person in the community wants to hear a bitter and uncensored opinion spew from the paid journalist that is reporting the news in a “fair” way. She has totally discredited herself. Journalists are entitled to thier opinions and have the freedom to express them. The flip side of that coin is that the public does too. The wise thing would have been to keep her opinion to herself or only share with those that “know” her. Because now the public knows her by HER OWN definition. In my profession I would NEVER jepordize my career or personal reputation by spewing words in such a lack of sefl-control.

  40. avatar Monkey says:

    As someone lacking cable, or the time to actually sit down and watch the news, I’ve got to say that it’s pretty obvious she was only ranting out of anger and frustration. Sure, she could have left out some of the more colorful feelings. And I don’t exactly agree with what she said, but she made atleast one valid point in there somewhere. I did however, get really offended by the term “Ghetto.” I know we have older places in Amarillo that aren’t as up to date in, areas of lower-income families, but we do not really have a “Ghetto.” I can walk anywhere in this town and not feel like my life is in danger. Sure, in certain areas I will remain more vigilant than in others, but unless you provoke the danger, none will come.

    I do beleive that her position as a “voice” for our city is not deserved by any means; if she’s childish enough to rant things in such a brutal, public manner. I’m blunt as hell, yet I know some thoughts should only remain thoughts because nowadays, you never know who your audience may be.

    Through her words, it has become obvious that she lied about herself in this blog. She is not racist against crackheads, or drug users. It seems obvious to me that she is really racist against the poor, lower or no-income families.

  41. avatar Alicia says:

    @Yvette: I am sensitive to this matter because I was also a journalist and I know how tough it is to be in a fishbowl day in and day out. Ms. Moore was venting in her blog…and it was posted on Facebook…not on the NewsChannel 10 website for the record. Somebody who Ms. Moore KNOWS well, tried to sabotage her and forward it on. SHE MADE A MISTAKE. Stop blogging about her, because all you’re doing is spreading hate.

  42. avatar san says:

    am I missing something; did Ms. Moore post this here or someone else? Maybe the words and concepts were ill-conceived but I seriously doubt that she posted this here knowing the blood would be poured into the shark tank. We rush to the Christian theory of defense but should it really be an eye for an eye? she hurt the community so we ask that she hurt too by loosing her job, much the same vengeful thoughts she’s casting. I’m not saying forget it and move on but it is thinking like this that has kept us yo-yoing back and forth since the implementing of the civil rights bill, actually I have yet to really see anything civil from either side. I remember a few years ago people were in the big WWJD (what would Jesus do) craze, apparently not what we would do. Jesus said, “He who is without sin…” so none of us have said or did things we regret? Surely I can not say if she regrets or not and yes she has freedom of speech, but sometimes silence is the better part of valor too. The words may have been ill-conceived but were they really meant for here and quite frankly this article expresses an attitude that needs to be corrected but we allow every misprinted, poorly written, or bad idea fuel the fire instead of trying to put it out, (educate the hate don’t prove it true)n which is the message that retaliation will eventually do. Don’t turn this into a gang war of words because words can fuel a fire and feed an inferno faster than any fight. Be it true that she named no particular race but we all know the reaction that the term sparks anyway. I definitely agree that we should speak out but why only when we feel; that we are attacked. This is bad judgment for writing this but very poor judgment for posting it here….

  43. avatar valium says:

    Why is it when stuff like this is written, all the “Freedom of Speech” crowd get all weewee’d up and starts hollering “right to express an opnion”. Almost instantly followed be the “Move On” crowd saying “this wasn’t that bad… a bridge and get over it….Get over it”.
    Ms. Morgan can be racist, or she can be ignorant, but please not both at the same time. Also not use journalism a cover for being one or the other.

  44. avatar Becky says:

    I love the statement about you all being “patrons of News Channel 10.”

    That’s a laugh. Your nightly news is FREE. Sure, you probably pay for cable, but the news stations are really just a service. The only money News Channel 10 makes as income is the money received from advertisers. THEY are the patrons. You are just a bunch of people complaining about a service you don’t pay for and lobbying for the firing of someone who doesn’t work for you.

    And you can vow not to use those advertisers, but no one really cares. You’ll never make a big enough difference to matter.

    You can also say you won’t watch News Channel 10. But no one cares about that either. TV ratings are based on diary cards from a TV ratings company. There’s no magical fairy sitting on the back of your TV reading it’s electronic impulses and reporting them to the networks. Unless you all posess ratings diary cards, which you don’t because a miniscule portion are sent out in Amarillo metro and it only happens a few times a year, then no one cares if you watch or not. They’ll never know if you watch or don’t watch because there’s no real way to track it and therefore, no one cares.

    You can lobby for Ms. Moore’s firing, but what are the repercussions if they keep her? You all won’t watch? We’ve already demonstrated how that would be ineffective.

    So basically, you’re all wasting your time here. Maybe this energy would be better focused trying to clean up the troubled areas which exist in every part of this city. But that’s probably a waste too…. People in general, from drug dealers to white collar workers, are generally unwilling to change.

    Move on.

  45. avatar yvette says:

    I’M just curious why Alicia is so sensitive to the matter?

  46. avatar tara says:

    I don’t agree with the statements made about the northside just the drug addict comments

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