Lessons to Live By

wkatesDear Friends, usually when we want something badly enough or for nothing, We tend to break one or all of the rules in which God intended us to live by.For example, Buying something wholesale but not from the store it was sold to. Getting that DVD Player that is dusty from someone else home. Or Buying from your Neighborhood Booster, the latest fashions now playing in Your local mall.


It seems we break every rule in an effort to get something cheaper than advertised or free for the taking. On the first day of the release of American Gangster, I had asked several acquaintances if they wanted to go see it. I was quickly told, I have already seen it. When I inquired about the early show they must have attended, I was told, You can borrow my copy and watch it.


Feeling strange and sneaky, I took the movie and slithered home as If I had Robbed the Louve. I put the movie in my player and began to watch, It was Denzel in living color. As I watch the drama unfold, I began to think how Excellent the movie was while all the time guilty for sneaking into the theatre without paying.


Who had I robbed letting my eyes take in the action and grit of hollywoods best actors? I was ashamed but at the same time exhilarated at the thought Of getting away with it. I felt a familiar feeling come over me I hadn’t felt Since Mrs. Cowan’s 3rd grade class. I had borrowed James Crayons and Knew I had some at home.


Who do we hurt when we buy things that are not meant to be bought at the corner store? What are the consequences of our action to those who labored To make a product? Why is it easier to pay five dollars for a street copy than eight dollars at the box office?


Well my friends, I think all of us know Gods first commandment. Thy shall not Steal! It may seem a good idea at the time but it is what it is. Anything worth having is worth paying the right price at the right store.


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