Faithful to Carver High School

Carver Dragons stand tall at reunion
by Keith Grays | an Amarillo Community Activist

Our city is developing great things.

One of the highlights in Amarillo is the Carver High School reunion, which occurs every two years and Amarilloans are excited that this is the week of the Dragons.

Some of the greatest people in the United States were born and reared in Amarillo and attended, graduated from and love Carver High.

Many of the African-American teachers who gave 30 or more years of service to our district are graduates of Carver, and many have retired from the school district.

It was quite an adventure growing up and hearing the sounds of the Carver Dragons band as it prepared for games. Watching them block Northwest 12th Avenue to prepare for the Tri-State Fair was a parade in itself.

Those were the days that will never fade from memory!

The greatest running backs, sprinters and basketball players ever to live in Texas were on the Carver High practice fields. And, because we had such a sense of community and school spirit, children knew the words to the school song before we were able to speak the English language.

“We will always be singing.”

This was an era when the sense of community was a priority and each student was taught to take pride in the simple things in life. It was a time when we were rich with enthusiasm and gratitude.

“Material things weren’t so important.”

Speaking of gratitude, this homecoming brings an economic impact for our city, and our corporate sponsors are elated to assist in making it the success it is. How do we say “thank you”?

It’s this time in all our lives that we go to local parks and shake hands with our elders and thank God for the beauty he created when he gave Carver High to the city.

“Great role models come from this stock.”

Entrepreneurs, attorneys, teachers, preachers, coaches, politicians – the list is endless – are visiting the place that always will be called home.

We have a great city and should work diligently to continue its growth, and prepare the next generation of Dragons to carry the torch.

Maybe one day there will be Dragon Park and the kids can use their beautiful greenhouses to help develop the mainstay of this wonderful campus and its surrounding landscapes.

Many young parents frequent this community daily to bring brilliant kids to one of the greatest magnet school programs in Texas – and that is still Carver, now an academy of future Amarilloans with a genius that’s incomparable.

Thanks to the Patten-Carver High School Reunion Committee for keeping the lights of history burning in the corridors of our minds.

Our futures are much brighter because you have lived.

“We’ll be loyal, true and faithful to Carver High School.”

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  1. avatar Dale Laster says:

    Hello and glad to find your site. My brother Willard Laster is a graduate of Carver High in 1967, though we only lived there for one year. Those were good times and memorable days as my brother participated with the track team.

    The teachers and students were great and shall always be remembered. I’ll share with my brother who now lives in Corpus Christi about your reunion.

    Dale Laster
    Plano, Texas