Gas prices are not slowing down drivers

Amarillo Officers Handing Out More Tickets
by KFDA – NewsChannel10

Gas prices are not slowing down drivers, they are actually speeding up. Forcing Amarillo police officers to hand out more and more tickets to drivers.

Municipal Court Clerk, Virginia Medley explains the increase,”When you look at December we average almost double the a

mount because less people want to get out. So we have double the amount in the summer time. Plus there’s just a lot more traffic in Amarillo.

In December close to 3,000 drivers received traffic citations. In June, there were more than 5,000 tickets issued to Amarillo drivers.

Sergeant Randy Tenbrink with the Amarillo Police Department says they have the same amount of officer on duty in the Winter and summer months. “The patrolman we do have are working the same hours. These people are working hard long hours putting in a lot of good work,” he said.

Those long hours are paying off for the city who collect thousands of dollars in revenue from the tickets. “Really what ever is collected percentage goes to the state and the rest goes into the general fund,” Medley said.

City officials say One reason more tickets are being issued is the number of teenage drivers. “One of the reasons we may have more citations in Summer time Kids! Kids drive a lot of cars drive a lot of miles and inexperienced and little bit on the careless side,” St.. Tenbrink said.

Police say when you are out on the road the easy way to avoid a ticket pay attention. “Most of the law that people violate are running red lights and speeding those are the 2 top ones watch your speed your not going to get pulled over,”Sgt….. Tenbrink advises.

An average traffic ticket can cost you more than a $100 depending on the severity of the citation. Drivers are able to fight there citation at the Municipal court building on 201 East 4th Avenue. They have even extend Thursday hours from 9 a.m. to 7p.m.

The tickets can generate thousands of dollars in revenue for the city of Amarillo. The money goes to a fund for the state and general fund, which pays for city related expenses.

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