Fransetta Mitchell , Crow candidate for Amarillo City Commission 2011

by Fransetta Crow

Hello Amarillo!


I am proud to announce my candidacy to run for Amarillo City Commission Place 4 . 

My decision to run for this position and  stand up and represent the citizens of  Amarillo Texas  came after much prayer.  I was a former candidate in 2007 ,  The  experience  better qualified and informed me  to represent the Amarillo Citizens and Tax Payers.  It is time for change in our local city government and it is evident that the public feels the same way.  I ask you to support me with your vote on MAY 14, 2011   together we can make a difference and have a voice on the issues that affect our lives,  families,  business and bottom line TAX DOLLAR. We have a right to be heard and respected  by those that we elect in office to represent us and not their own self interest.

Do to  abuse of our local media and because  of the unfair coverage toward me  displayed  during the last time I ran for office  influenced my decision to run my campaign on my campaign websiteI will be giving my position on the ISSUES and invite your comments and input on what will affect us all in the future. Please join me at:



I ask for your prayers and support as a qualified and committed candidate with hands on experience , and  the desire to represent and to serve the Citizens of Amarillo.  PLEASE VOTE FOR ME and I will VOTE in your behalf to make our city a better place to live.

Thank you,

Frankly Fran

Copyright 2011 – Fransetta Crow. All rights Reserved. No part of this commentary may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without written permission from the author.

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Frankly Fran


  1. Hello Mr Reasonver, Glad to hear from you and I want to thank you for your support. You and others like you know the importance of having repersentation from the African Americans in our local government. I will try to do my best to serve The City of Amarillo, this includes your familly and those that are important to you. I look foward to hearing from you again real soon.

  2. Hello Ms T. Savage
    I sure am glad to hear from you, I thank ypou for your support in my desird to repersent the North Amarillo Communities. We need to get up and get involved because the issues that will affect us as taxpayers today will be passed on down to our children tomorrow. We can be responsible by getting out to vote and encouraging all registered voters to do so. Please encourage your friends and neighbors to register to vote. The deadline to register in order to participate in this election on the May 14th municipal election is April 14th. Again I want to thank you and all of the community for your support. Holler at me again later !

  3. avatar Russell L Reasonover says:

    I am glad and proud that you decide to run!

  4. avatar Tami Savage says:

    I am so excited to support Fransetta Mitchell Crow in her candidacy for City Commissioner and I support her 100%.

    Who better to represent the North side than a long time North side resident.

    One who will give us fair representation in city government.

    One who is aware of the issues pertinent to the North side and not afraid to stand up and put it out there.

    One who is acomplished in getting things done.

    I applaud you Ms Fransetta for your dedication to this community. I will never forget how you supported me and my YES KIDS – exposing them to Music & The Arts all those years ago in the backroom at the N YMCA.

    Ok readers I challenge you to call your friends–to get out and spread the word from North Heights to >>>Hamlet to >>>East Ridge>>> To Vote Fransetta Mitchell Crow aka Frankly Fran for Potter County Place 4 City Commissioner that’s what I intend to do!!!!!!


  5. avatar fcrow says:

    Thank You Ms Leigh Cravin, It is people like you that I respect, who stand up and speak out. I got carried away with the colors, you know The RED, WHITE, and BLUE, thanks for the tip. Thanks for your VOTE!!!

    Fransetta Mitchell, Crow

  6. avatar leigh cravin says:

    Thank you for caring about our community. All the best to you, however, may I suggest that you make your future posts in one color. The blue is really hard to read. Keep it simple please–just black ink. You have my vote!!