Moore’s Bet-ta Views

by Anthony A. Moore

I’ve traveled through many different states in America. There is but one question that haunts me more than anything “What is the future of the Black Man”? Have you noticed that a large number of our young black men are growing up weak due to the improper rearing of Single Black Women and a child support check?

Now! Wait just one moment. Did I step on someone’s foot? Please allow me the chance to clarify this statement. There are major differences in Black people, in reference to up bring of a man-child. The main issue that has been ingrained in us by past slavery methods that still haunt us today are Fear, Distrust and Envy. These three issues continually pledge us as a people still today.

I will assure you that at the top of the list stands Distrust. You may ask why? Distrust is stronger than trust and envy, stronger than adulation (meaning: flattery), respects or admiration. The black family as a whole struggles from day one, financially due to today’s ever changing economy. It is by far easier for a black woman to get a job then her black man. Family disintegration continues to threaten the well-being of urban and city residents.

The larger population of unmarried persons is due primarily to delayed marriage among the large baby boom generation, as well as increases in divorce and separation. The combination of a higher rate of non-marital childbearing together with a larger population of unmarried persons has resulted in a substantial increase in the number and proportion of non-marital births.

(Excerpt taken from

In 2007, 72 percent of births of black children were to unwed mothers.):

The issue on child support goes as such. The welfare department tells the mother to file child support or lose her food stamps and housing. “Don’t worry honey we’ll go get him (The Father) and make him pay dearly.

In most cases the mother and father are not dating anymore, divorced or separated. The system is not trying to stop welfare or get mothers a job. They want the woman dependant on food stamps and housing; with the male away from the home so they can control what goes on within the broken black family structure.

The woman attempts to raise the boy alone without a man. Truthfully a woman thinks she can raise a man. Although when you take a look at our African ancestry a mother nurtures and comforts the child through his baby stage. When the baby becomes a man-child the Father, Uncles or Grandfather teaches the youth to hunt and become a Warrior.

Some of our Black women refuse to allow the initial Father to interact with his child. There maybe various reason for this; physical abuse, joblessness, drug addictions and abandonment. All these issues may act as contributing factors to our young black men dwindling away into the State Prisons.

They go due to an unmet need “Lack of a Father Figure.” Yes Mom I said exactly that. So be careful of the Men you bring into your Sons’ life because many will try to continue the role of father where the initial father left off. Some may not have children skills or dealt with a family lifestyle.

When this happens, where does it leave the single Mom and that man-child who so eagerly yearns for a father? I suppose back to stage one, where the cycle repeats itself. Some of the Men single women bring into their home have no affection or connection with the man-child.

There are three key factors you need for a man to be raised properly. One of the things you should have is a good provider not a street hustler, drug dealer or a thief. Of course ladies we know these under achievers actually caught a woman’s eye in retrospect.

Secondly men need to be more religiously grounded in somebody’s church. Our churches can play a major part in preventing broken families by teaching our youth abstinence. The teaching of our boys should definitely include God, Family and Church. They have a rough road to travel in this day and time.

The Government wants an orderly future of blacks, let’s focus on our thoughts and particular attention must be paid to the FEMALE and the YOUNGEST male offspring. The woman is allowed to keep the young male child. This allows her to receive food stamps and housing by the Government.

The Father is taken out of the picture completely or he chooses to be and is charged child support at an astronomical arrears rate due to the Mom being on welfare.

He is left with only 50% of his income to live on. Yet how is the Father going to raise a strong son who desires more clothes and shoes? Due to the television shows such as MTV, BET and other stations that glorify the street Negro big gold chains, sagging pants and name brand clothing. This is where Bullying comes from (aka: ENVY).

Well the father goes to work on another job and that check is garnished 50%, it’s a never-ending battle to keep his head above water. The son doesn’t get to see his father much because the father feels, he’s working for the Government in a modern Slave Labor technique “Keep the Body and Take The Mind”. The Father becomes depressed he doesn’t have enough money to fight in court the many changes the government takes him through, so he just succumbs to the tricks of the system.

This leads to him being really unhappy, frustrated and depressed. Remember keeping the body working but taking his mind. So when he gets a chance to interact with his son his inner pride and spirit wants his son to be proud of him. Now pressure to raise your child to be pro-social is becoming hard. Why? You may ask, because this man-child has watched his Mother rise each morning fix him something to eat send him to school and greets him when he’s comes home.

The man-child receives name brand clothes, gifts, video games and money from his Mother. At the age of thirteen thoughts of manhood flash through his mind like a flashing traffic light. Mothers can only tell him what type of Man she wished for as a young girl with visionary dreams because she never had a Father.

He continues to grow into a young Man mother still cuddles and babies him. Never being strict at the right times. He enters into the public school system whereas others are as misfortunate as he. Still no Father figures in his life, this is a slow process of governmental control.

So the female teaches her man-child that it’s okay to not seek a higher education or a decent job. The man-child mindset is “Women are out there that will go out everyday and work hard just to bring me money and keep a roof over my head” (Just As Mother Did). What TYPE OF A BLACK MAN ARE YOU RAISING MOM ?

The man-child doesn’t know how to work for a living or raise a family. They don’t know what it takes to survive without a government check coming in the mailbox and if he does work it’s until he gets new pair of Jordan’s or Kobe tennis shoes. Hard facts to swallow but it’s so true because it’s not in his nature to do hard work because mom has always taken care of him.

You already know the teachings “A Man Don’t Work A Man Don’t EAT” It is Man’s nature to work. A man has to achieve self-worth, pride, dignity and most of all Respect.

One of the most heralded Black Woman Harriett Tubman spoke about governmental technique used to keep us enslaved.

“I freed thousands of slaves. I could have freed thousands more if they had known they were slaves.”

— Harriet Tubman

So they’ve allowed the Government to destroy the Black Man’s Image in the household. No Man to neither protect the black woman nor help in the upbringing of the man-child, and so the mother becomes dependent on the government as she sees this child support check that was all made possible by the government as the only solace to the struggles she faces as a single mother trying to do her role as a mother and a father both at the same time.

The following article is a strong but unfortunate view of how Single Parenting can bring disastrous fate to a man-child.

Family, friends say goodbye to slain great-grandmother & infant
(Excerpt was taken from The Item Newspaper Manning SC.)

MANNING SC. – A gifted athlete. An all-around “nice guy.”

Now, a vastly different label may know 21-year-old Justin Jermaine Johnson as he faces murder charges. Johnson, of 2094 Rogers Road in Summerton, was charged with two counts of murder and one count of attempted murder late Wednesday after Clarendon County sheriff’s deputies discovered the bodies of his 9-month-old son and the boy’s 59-year-old great-grandmother.

The two were shot to death at a home on Carissa Lane, a small road off June Burn Road, seven miles northeast of downtown Manning S.C. (Excerpt Ended)

The Suspect Justin Johnson was a man raised without his Father who died succumbing to cancer but was married and had another family. Justin Johnson had no job, no education and was raised without a Man only a Mother.

Yes I know it actually takes two in a household. Father and Mother have to learn to rationalize and communicate in a civil manner. Try our best to unite the family not throw it away with one argument.

Mothers’ should also work along side the Fathers’ to insure the family stays intact and stop falling for the welfare trick. There are plenty of strong Black Women who can get an education and a decent job. Don’t settle for the government taking your needed money through welfare.

I would like to pay Homage to all the Single Mothers who have raised Sons’ to become good hardworking and educated Men.

I started with a question and leave with a question? Fathers when was the last time you seen your Son?

If this title caught your Attention! “Think About IT”


© Copyright 2011 – Anthony Moore. All rights Reserved. No part of this commentary may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without written permission from the author.

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Moore's Bet-ta Views


  1. avatar Sheila says:

    Great Article Mr.Moore, there are alot of moms like myself that push them thru the education, the milatary & college. But once they think that they’re a Grown A–ed Man there’s not much you can do or say. When their minds are madeup on the choices they choose,all you can do is sit back and wait to see what the outcome’s going to be. I have two children in college right now and I take great pride in that being a single,uneducated mom. The only regrets I personally have about the way I raised them is I didn’t take them to church early enough and I should’ve educated myself more. And yes I do agree with you we can not teach our sons to be men, because we aren’t men. And sending them to the Military can’t teach them either if they are authority defiant! Again I salute you sir, Great Article and great research.