Living Cross-eyed in a Cock-eyed World

Walking in the Spirit
by Dr. Chris Lewis

I say then: Walk in the Spirit, and you shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh -Galatians 5:18

Many believer’s live on a spiritual roller-coaster, up one minute and down the next. Probably most Christians live their entire Christian lives like this. When they come to Christ, they are on a spiritual high. They have that “first love” and couldn’t be any happier. They read their Bibles daily. They pray often. The church doors aren’t open enough; they are excited about the Lord. But then daily trials and temptations get in the way of their daily walk with the Lord. They begin to cool off as they watch the more mature Christians gripe, gossip, cuss, and lust like the world.

God says, ‘Walk in the Spirit.” The word “in” and the case that follows have the distinct idea of walking in dependence on the Spirit. This is the secret. One is to depend on the Holy Spirit to do what He came to do—control him and produce in and through him all that the Word of God declares He will do. A Christian must realize that all the traits of spirituality are not attained by determination or degrees of effort, but by dependence on the Holy Spirit to produce them in him. It is not a passive acquiescence to the Holy Spirit, but an active dependency on and response to the Holy Spirit.

Walking in the Spirit must also be a conscious dependence. It is not a subconscious nor an unconscious dependence but a conscious and calculated dependence. This conscious dependence on the Holy Spirit cannot be stressed to strongly, for here is the real reason so many people don’t experience its reality. We cannot be passive about our “walk in the Spirit!” We must consciously train ourselves. As a child begins to walk, it starts with a step and then a fall. With time and practice, the steps become stronger and the walk becomes a little easier.

Ephesians 5:18 says, “Be filled with the Spirit,” or “Be continually controlled by the Spirit.” It is not a once-for-all act, as in the case of eternal salvation. A Christian never “arrives.” One cannot shift into cruise control in his life. There has to be that conscious continuous dependence on “walking in the Holy Spirit.” As the practicing alcoholic takes a daily drink, we too, as Christians should drink of the Spirit on a daily basis. We must be filled in order to walk, talk, live, and give as the Spirit controls us.

Walking involves two steps—the right foot, then the left foot. So walking in the Spirit involves two steps. The one step is that of asking or allowing the Holy Spirit to take control. Before that can take place, though, often there is the need of another step. When a Christian becomes carnal and the flesh takes over, there is the need of another step. That step is to confess your sin. Dependence on the Spirit and confessing our sins are the two steps we must take in order to “Walk in the Spirit” so that we do not fulfill the lust of the flesh. Notice, Paul didn’t say, as we don’t fulfill the lust of the flesh, then we walk in the Spirit. But rather we must first “Walk in the Spirit” so that we will not fulfill the lust of the flesh. So are you ready to “walk in the Spirit?” Are you ready to not fulfill the lust of the flesh? Let’s walk together, two steps at a time….

Living Cross-eyed….Shalom!!

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Living Cross-eyed in a Cock-eyed World