Information Needed: Past Juneteeth Winners

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen.

Juneteenth Pageant is rapidly approaching. We would like to recognize all past winners in our upcoming 2011 pageant. The date is June 16th, 7pm at the Carver Academy Auditorium.

If you will be attending the pageant please let me know so your ticket will be complimentary.
Here is a list of past winners and dates I’ve been able to compile with the help of Mrs Rose Taylor. Also, let me know of any corrections that need to be made for dates, titles and correct spelling of names. If you know of anyone else I’ve missed on this list let me know as well. You may email me at


Eli McGhee  – 1982
Robin Alford – 1983
Machelle Crady – 1984
Kimberly Maxwell – 1987
Yvette Henderson – 1992
Kristi Titus (Wright) – 1993
Bridget Brown – 1994
Tiffani Adcock – 1999
Natania Mitchell – 2003
Tiara Evans – 2005
Carrissa Crawford – 2006
Octavia Chambers – 2008


Kirk White – 1998
Donald Evans – 2008


Whitney Ford – 2005
Dontrica Matthews – 2006
Chelsea Knox 2008

Little Miss

Erica Hodges Barnes – 1992
Jamille Turner – 1997
Shamon Wilson – 1999
Kiarah Powell – 2004
Carolyn Pace – 2005
Monisha Toombs – 2006


Chama Toombs – 2004

No Information

Keyva Winston – Little Miss
Jalen Toombs – Teen
J’Ceara Griffin – Tiny
Gena Crossland
Debra Jefferson
Paige Diggs

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Information Needed


  1. avatar Gina Crosslin says:

    I was Miss Juneteenth 1985. I apologize for just now submitting this info. I hope it helps for next year.

  2. avatar gale says:

    Kiarah powell won in 2008 not 2004.