Black in America: It’s a Beautiful Thing!

by Charly | A Subscriber

No amount of reports, statistics or opinions can change the results that were revealed in the July 2008 Black in America CNN special reported. We can discuss it, debate about it or ignore it – it won’t change anything. You see, in my opinion, all is right with the world. There is no special circumstance with being Black in America.

Everything is as it should be.

I say this because what we see in our lives as Black Americans, is exactly what we should see – poverty, ignorance, lack and disease. How could we expect it to be any different? Can we blame the systems of this country? We probably could. Should we blame this society? Probably not. Will the airing of Black dirty laundry change circumstances? Certainly not! Who is responsible for the statistics that CNN revealed on July 23-24, 2008? When will change come?

We Black Americans are responsible. Things will not change until we change.

What millions of viewers witnessed on TV on these dark evenings is a disgrace to our Father in Heaven. We look like a group of God forsaken losers who don’t have the pride, intelligence or personal power to take control of our own destinies and create the lives that we and our children deserve. We continue to make the same choices and expect things to change. Or, we don’t expect to see the same results happen to us when we make the same choices that we watch others suffer for.

It’s time to turn back to the “Way!” As I read the articles and probe my associates for their opinions on these matters, I have yet to hear the true solution. Everyone is looking at us as if we are victims. I, for one, am no victim. I am a child of the Most Holy God and heir to the Kingdom. All that I need and desire will be granted to me because I choose to walk in the will of God.

There is no wonder that we have so many single mothers. There is no wonder that we have so many men and women infected with AIDS. There is no wonder why we are largely living in poverty. As I said earlier, I am not surprised at all with the CNN noted statistics. All is right with the world!

How could we possibly expect things to be any different or to improve when we continue to rebel against the Gift of God – His Will and Way? We have access to all that we need and He is prepared to grant us more than we can think or imagine, but we have abandoned His way of doing things. We have taken prayer out of school. We have physically separated ourselves from His House of Prayer and we have discarded His
commandments. We have failed ourselves and in so doing, have failed our children by creating a world that continues to suffer from generation to generation.

Stop the madness. Take responsibility. Do the right thing. Recognize your source for all things. Take back your life and live the life that God created you to live. Here is the cure: if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land (2 Chronicles 7:14).

Being Black in America is a beautiful thing. I am creating the life of my dreams. Follow the “Way” and see for yourself.

All the best,

Note: This is a response to "Still Black, Still America - What Else is New?"


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  1. avatar Tracye says:

    I agree with the comments about being Black In America, and here is a good first step to creating and revealing more positive images. Check out this new website: because is an online social network for African American men, women, and families that want to shatter the negative stereotypes associated with our race. This platform will help stimulate positive ideas, dialogue and solutions.

    This site is not affiliated with CNN, but does compliment their “Black In America” special report and tour. I hope more Blacks in Amarillo will join in with what other black folks around the country are doing…