Twice in Seven Days

Thieves vandalize local church

Last Sunday (August 24, 2008) the Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church fell victim to copper thieves, the copper tubing was hacked from the air conditioning units and ripped from the exterior wall of the building. Although only the tubing was taken, damage to the valves of units was severe enough to warrant the replacement of all three units.

Thanks to Deacon Clifford Lovejoy’s relentless efforts, all three units were replaced and in service by Thursday.

Yesterday (Saturday, August 30, 2008) in broad daylight copper thieves returned to vandalize the air conditioning system again. This time the damage was much more extensive. Unable to rip the tubing from the exterior wall because of the newly installed protective cover. Thieves resorted to stripping two of the new air conditioning units of their copper cores.

Anyone with information that would help in the solving of these crimes is urged to contact the Amarillo Police Department.

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