Why Did I Invite You To My Life Last Night?


Why Did I Invite You To My Life Last Night?
by Wilson Kates Jr.


Why did I invite you to my Life last night? Was it just to show you how much I’m suffering in pain and strife? Why did I even open my door? Was it to welcome another day after you used me and showed you would not want me anymore? Why did I allow you to share my bed? Was I beginning to have thoughts on what it feels like to be amongst the dead? Why did I invite you to my Life last night?


The years have gone by and all I have to show for it – is bottles of medication with dreams and thoughts of what could have been my destination. Why was my nature so high until my physical brain digressed and relapsed into stand-by mode?


I had laid there in exchange of deep emotional moments. I had no conscious of tomorrow. Was I insane? I allowed myself to be free while you were touching and caressing me. Loneliness is such a sad and simple thing. Why did I invite you to my Life after having previously divorced my spiritual spouse? You see, if I were guided by the spirit of my faith I could have controlled all those superstitious thoughts that leaves a trace. I left a trace for a useless culprit to take advantage of my body, my loneliness and my awkward feelings of self-denial in which I was experiencing inside. I should have been true to myself, but instead I chose to eliminate myself. I lived from the feet up and not the head down.


Is it your fault? You used me out of my own ignorance. I know why I invited you to my Life last night! I simply failed to see the light! It’s a light that shines only in dark places. It’s not a little light but it’s a brilliantly shining light!


Now, oh Christ of Nazareth, I ask for forgiveness in the most humble way. Please, oh Christ of Nazareth, don’t let this rule against me on Judgment Day. What’s done is done and time will only flow in one direction.


Life is like this – Any moral effort to do well tends to ignite a “Satanic War” in one’s life. Thanks to God who’s the father of the Christ, the Trinity will always be victorious! Nevertheless, I applaud the spirit of lust and sexual fornication you introduced to the game. I was susceptible to your ploy and now my life will never be the same.


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