What type of parent are you and do you want to be?

G.H.E.T.T.O. – Positive
by Michael Jackson


Coach Jackson

G.H.E.T.T.O. is an acronym for Get Higher Education To Teach Others – Positive. It is another way for saying, each one teach one, or it takes a village to raise a child. We are better together than we are apart. We need to revisit some of those old morals and values our grandparents of the generation before our parents taught us. We need to grow exponentially to the point that we reach all of our people. We have assets so let’s find out what they are and use them.


What type of parent are you and do you want to be?


This is dedicated solely to the parent. Parents are the stepping stones for laying a good foundation at home for good morals and values. Parents today have a daunting task in managing marriages, careers, and parenthood. Society has taken away that most cherished family time at the evening table as well as in the church. This new age of technology has dealt us an overwhelming blow that we cannot seem to recover from. Our children do not even do homework anymore and parents do not even check to see if they have any. Where do you stand as a parent in relation to these issues? Remember that your parents are smarter today than they were when you were a know it all kid. Remember that your kids think the same of you as you did your parents. They have to realize that you know best just like your parents knew best. The following is a list of actions you must take to ensure that you as parents are being effective parents


1. You must be that rare parent that says values are the only choice in raising your kids.


Ex: Going to church. Setting and eating at the dinner table. Having a list of chores creates a good work ethic. Parents must make sure that homework and leisure time are scheduled into the day because this will help with priorities and choices.


2. Make sure that their culture is a major part of their lives.


Ex: Make sure they know their family tree and know their history. Spend at least 20 minutes a day reading something from their culture.


3. See your child as a warrior in dealing with the ills of society and support them in those struggles.


Ex: Defend or protect them from drugs and gangs


4. You cannot rely on just the school to educate your child. You must believe that your child’s education is the direct responsibility of you the parent and relatives. They must learn about self as well as issues relevant to life so place them in an environment they can learn in.


Ex: Make sure they have homework and e-mail teachers on a regular basis. Make sure they read regularly.


5. Protest when necessary to ensure that your kids receive proper treatment. Educating your children belongs to you not the school. Yet, care about who educates them and where they are educated.


Ex: Remember that there are two sides to a story and that the educator knows what your child needs in order to succeed. Conflicts with a teacher may arise when discipline or grades may not be up to par. As a parent you must be objective because your child is not always right and you have to be able to direct them in the right direction whether if they are in the wrong or the teacher.


6. Carefully guide and counsel them on how to get to and where to go to college.


Ex: Start looking ahead for colleges and examine their graduation plans. Make sure they are prepared for the state assessment. Make sure they take the ACT or SAT to qualify for college. Know what scores they need to have. Know all of the deadlines for registration and for financial aide (FAFSA).


7. Tell them good job and reward them for their hard work, but on the other hand make sure they know the consequences of below average performances.


Ex: Sit down and go over your expectations. Tell them the rewards and punishments. Let them know you will be there for them when they succeed and when they fail.


I believe that parents today are lacking in the area of maturity. This is because our generations as well as our kids’ are teenage parents coming from single parent homes but no excuse. We are basically a soft society. We give lip service and no action to what we say. We do not walk the walk and talk the talk as our parents did. We make excuses when it comes to our mistakes and are quick to blame others when things do not go our way. We need to hold ourselves accountable for what we and our children do. Remember that it all starts with home and that is the first place people will examine is the home. The following is a list of initiatives you as a parent can do daily and monthly to hold your child accountable and to become a better student.


1. Emphasize the importance of education daily.


2. At School

  • Never disrespect any adult anywhere at anytime
  • Be there on time.
  • Do not be tardy to class.
  • Turn in all assigned work.
  • Study 12 hrs a week.
  • Dress appropriately.
  • Read 30 minutes a day on your culture or something that will inspire them to think.


3. Go to Church – Increase your faith and your families.


4. Family – Let them know the expectations of your family and make time together.


5. Watch their circle of friends, know who their talking to on the Phone and on the internet for ex. Myspace.com


6. Support them in extracurricular activities and encourage them to join.


7. Know their teachers, be at meetings, check their grades, know the dates of certain events, and get all schedules. Pick them up on time and do not let them just hang around the school. Know their principals and know their counselors. Ask about their day everyday and what they learned.


Yet, aside from these initiatives you must be ready to modify and adjust like a good teacher would. Every situation cannot be handled the same but if you have a foundation to work from then you’ll be better prepared to handle whatever comes your way. Do not try to keep up with the Jones’, your kids must realize that they are different from everybody else. You have to have an agenda and that agenda must be within what you want for your child. This is not a perfect method but it is a working formula for success. I believe it is common sense and not complicated. What are complicated are the games that children will play when they pit you against the system or parent against parent. Be ready.


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