Our mayor voted for Obama???

by LaurieĀ 

Just a FYI….(or just another politician speaking politics), I was walking out of Market St. last night with my “Texans for Obama” shirt on, and I saw Debra McCartt heading my way. In passing, I blurted out “Hey Debra, do you like my shirt”? She turned around and walked back to me, leaned in and said “I’m with ya”…..I then asked “you voted for Obama” to which she replied “of course”….as we spoke in hushed tones. Those pesky sackers are sometimes “double” agents (j/k).

I don’t know….I’d love to believe that our mayor is that smart and caring that she would go against the status quo here in our little “backward” town, but I realize…it could have been complete bunk as well.

I’m going to keep my “rose colored” glasses on, on this encounter and believe that she is indeed, that caring and smart!

Wonders never cease.

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  1. avatar wilson says:

    I dont think she did. Whites are very wicked. I would not say that if I didnt know that by daily living. The Devil goes to church also. I dont trust them as far as I can throw them. I have some news for you all in a couple of days about Amarillo the Klan and why They wont officially name a street Martin Luther King.