On The Subject of Waiting…….

by Kami Ashley

Waiting is a very hard thing to do. Anytime of the day, night, morning, evening, afternoon, week, month, year. I recently realized all the times I was told about being impatient has actually made an impact in my life. I am in college and working two jobs, but the majority of my time I spend waiting even though I feel extremely overwhelmed with very little time to do anything and way too much time to do nothing. Waiting is just one of those things you just have to do because it is your lifes consistency and will forever be. My whole life I have heard someone say that “PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE” and it is absolutely true because if you spend a few seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, or years going through life rushing and being impatient, there’s no telling the many things you may miss. Just think about the next time you are driving and you are late getting somewhere and you are speeding and driving crazy and calling people out of their names because it is taking forever to get where you are going, you are late for a reason so slow down, take your time, and wait. It could mean your life or someone elses that is being impacted; ruined or blessed. That being said….. If GOD puts you in a certain place at a certain time to do a certain thing (maybe it is to wait ) then you should accept that you are being blessed and maybe even being a blessing because you may learn or witness something that you had no clue existed or was so apparent and you r presence may be what another person needs. As a student the most common thing I think about in class is when the class is going to be over and if I will have enough time for a nap or eat and take a nap. But while I am thinking about that my conscious make me focus and take in the fact that while I am waiting for class to be over, there is someone out there who is waiting to get in the class I am in. While I am adding and subtracting the time it takes to walk from my classroom to the cafeteria, there is someone who isn’t getting a meal at all because they either don’t have the means or they are sick and perhaps dying and can’t eat at all. While I am sitting in class thinking about how long of a nap I can get in before my next class or work, somebody somewhere is not getting any sleep at all, whether it be from insomnia, worry about a situation, they are in danger, or they are doing something for another person. Life is a round the clock job of waiting and the unknown. Everytime you have the urge to rush, just think about the blessing you are receiving and giving by waiting. When you are in a hurry and waiting in line somewhere, think about the wreck or incident that you have been blessed to miss. GOD puts us all in certain places at certain times to teach us and show us things. Stop being in a hurry and take your time to do things because you never know what may happen. Stop being in a hurry to tell things that have little or no significance but do take the time to tell something that may be beneficial and of importance to someone. Take the time to listen instead of hearing because in your impatience for that someone to shut up, you are missing so much that you should be soaking up. With all that being said, I will leave you with these questions to stay on your mind:

Is it worth the rush and hurry to live life barely waiting? Is it more beneficial to not wait than to wait? Is GOD trying to show me or teach me something that I don’t already know? Will I miss out on a blessing if I don’t wait? How many blessing will I miss?

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Kami Ashley